21 Best Halloween Books for Middle Schoolers in 2023

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Finding spooky Halloween books for middle schoolers can be challenging. You don’t want the books to terrify the children, but finding a nice balance is essential.

Discover a ghoulish collection of Halloween books specifically curated for middle schoolers, igniting their imagination and adding an extra thrill to their Halloween activities.

Put away the regular school books this October and have the kids read one of these spooky stories. Halloween is a perfect time to get the kids reading.

My son absolutely loves reading, check out our favorite book lists for kids there are over 20 book lists included for kids of all ages, for school, for reading, and for every season. Plus lots of free book printables.

There is a mix of fiction and non-fiction books included depending on their preference.

halloween books for middle schoolers

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Halloween Middle School Books

These spooky Halloween stories are all aimed at children aged 10 and above. I personally would not recommend any one of these to kids under this age.

All of these scary books for middle school students are aimed at older kids aged 10-14, but trust me, you will love them too!

As some of these are very scary books I have added a scare rating for each of them. These are the very best Halloween books for older kids.

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