3 Free Leprechaun Handprint Art Templates

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Leprechaun handprint art is a fun and creative way for kids to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

This printable activity involves coloring in images of leprechauns and adding their handprints to the design, making each piece of art unique and personal.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a festive craft to do at home or a teacher searching for a classroom activity. Leprechaun handprint art offers a perfect blend of creativity and holiday celebration.

By incorporating three different images to color in, children have the freedom to express themselves while engaging in a tactile experience with paint or ink for their handprints.

This is one of my favorite St Patrick’s Day activities for kids.

Leprechaun handprint art

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Handprint leprechaun art

Leprechaun handprint art is not only a delightful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but also a fantastic opportunity to enhance fine motor skills and artistic expression among young learners.

With 3 leprechaun designs to choose from, kids can explore their creativity, mixing colors and experimenting with different hand placements.

This activity is ideal for a range of ages, offering a simple yet engaging craft experience.

Supplies needed for the leprechaun craft

Creating leprechaun handprint art is a delightful activity that combines coloring and crafting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This project is perfect for children of all ages and can be easily adapted based on the materials you have at home.

Here’s a comprehensive list of supplies you’ll need to bring this festive craft to life, along with some creative alternatives if you’re missing specific items:

Essential supplies:

  • Washable finger paints are ideal for creating handprints without the worry of difficult cleanup. Choose green, gold, and other vibrant colors to make your leprechauns stand out.
  • A sturdy base like white cardstock is perfect for holding paint and preventing it from bleeding through. It also makes the finished art piece durable enough for display.
  • Coloring pens or crayons are great for coloring in the leprechaun images before or after adding the handprints. They offer precision and a variety of colors for decorating.
  • Paper plates or palettes are useful for pouring out finger paint and easy hand-dipping. This helps keep the painting process organized and less messy.
handprint art bundle


Creative alternatives:

  • If you don’t have paint you can trace around the child’s hand on colored construction paper, cut it out, and glue it onto the printable. This method is a fantastic alternative that still provides a tactile experience without the mess of paint.
  • In addition to using it for handprints, construction paper can be cut into various shapes to decorate your leprechaun, such as hats, gold coins, or rainbows. This adds texture and depth to your craft.
  • Glue for attaching construction paper handprints or decorations to your leprechaun art. A glue stick or white school glue works well for this purpose.
  • If you’re using construction paper for handprints or additional decorations, you’ll need a good pair of scissors.

Optional supplies for added fun:

  • To add a magical touch to your leprechaun, glitter or glitter glue can be used sparingly to highlight certain areas like the leprechaun’s buckle.
  • St. Patrick’s Day-themed stickers or sequins can embellish your artwork further, making it even more festive.
  • If you prefer bold lines or want to add details that crayons or pens can’t achieve, markers are a great addition to your crafting kit.

How to make a handprint leprechaun?

Creating handprint leprechauns is a fantastic way to engage kids in a fun and creative craft for St. Patrick’s Day. Each of the three designs utilizes handprints in a unique way to form different parts of the leprechaun, adding a personal touch to the artwork. Here’s a simple guide on how to make each type of handprint leprechaun:

Handprint beard leprechaun

  1. Apply orange paint to the child’s palm and fingers.
  2. Press the painted hand down onto the cardstock below the leprechaun’s face outline. Repeat if a fuller beard is desired.
  3. Use crayons or markers to color in the leprechaun’s face, hat, and any other details. Let the paint dry completely first.
Handprint beard leprechaun

Handprint face leprechaun

  1. Cover the child’s hand in a flesh-toned paint on the palm of their hand and orange paint on the fingers.
  2. Position the handprint so that the fingers are at the bottom (these will be the leprechaun’s beard), and the palm creates the face. The thumb can be tucked in or left out.
  3. Once dry, add facial features with markers or pens and color in the hat and outfit.
Handprint face leprechaun

Leprechaun hat handprint

  1. Paint the child’s hand green or any color you’d like the leprechaun’s hat to be.
  2. Press the handprint at the top of the paper, with the fingers pointing upwards. This will be the top of the hat.
  3. Color in the leprechaun’s face and body below the hat. Add any additional decorations or details as desired.
Handprint hat leprechaun

St Patrick’s Day books for toddlers

While you are waiting for the paint or glue to dry why not treat the kids to a new book?

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace is a vibrant and engaging picture book that sparks creativity and excitement around St. Patrick’s Day. It follows the adventure of trying to catch a leprechaun, making it a fun read for toddlers and parents alike. The book combines clever traps and a spirited leprechaun character to introduce children to the festive Irish culture in an interactive way.

Thing One, Thing Two, and the Leprechaun brings the beloved Dr. Seuss characters into a St. Patrick’s Day adventure, perfect for young readers. This book combines the playful chaos of Thing One and Thing Two with the mischievousness of a leprechaun. Offering a story full of fun and imagination. It’s an excellent way to engage toddlers in reading through rhymes and vibrant illustrations, while celebrating the holiday.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover is a funny twist on the classic “There Was an Old Lady” series, tailored for St. Patrick’s Day. This book takes toddlers on a silly journey with the old lady as she swallows items to make a perfect rainbow to catch a leprechaun. It’s a fantastic choice for engaging young children in reading with rhythmic text and a funny storyline.

Additional leprechaun activities

Engaging in thematic activities can enhance the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day beyond handprint art. Here are some fun ideas for leprechaun-themed activities that are sure to captivate the imagination and creativity of children. Perfect for classroom lessons, homeschooling, or just fun at home.

Spark imagination with an If I were a leprechaun writing prompt that asks kids to envision themselves as leprechauns. This activity encourages creative thinking and storytelling skills, as children explore the fantastical life of these mythical creatures. It’s a simple yet effective way to engage in creative writing.

Make your own leprechaun trap from Mommy Evolution.

How to catch a leprechaun activities from Homeschool Preschool.

Leprechaun slime recipe from Darcy & Brian.

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