Best Free Homeschool Health Curriculum

Finding the best free homeschool health curriculum can be tough for families teaching at home.

There are so many choices out there, it’s important to find one that teaches about health in a way that’s fun and right for your family.

This includes learning about eating right, staying active, understanding feelings, and knowing how to stay safe.

The perfect program will have activities and lessons that kids enjoy and learn from. There are lots of free resources that can help with this.

Choosing the best free homeschool curriculum means finding one that covers all the important topics in a way that’s easy and enjoyable to learn. Carry on reading for the best free health homeschool curriculum resources.

best free homeschool health curriculum

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Why health education matters for homeschoolers

Health education is a fundamental component of a well-rounded homeschool curriculum. Paralleling its significance in public schooling by fostering comprehensive learning that spans beyond core academic subjects. It’s pivotal for cultivating a holistic educational experience that encompasses physical, nutritional, mental, and preventative health practices.

Focusing on physical fitness within the homeschool setting encourages students to lead active lifestyles, promoting lifelong health and combating sedentary behavior. This aspect of health education instills the importance of regular physical activity, reinforcing the development of healthy habits early on.

Nutrition education plays a critical role, in guiding students towards understanding and making informed choices about their eating habits. It teaches the value of healthy foods and balanced diets, laying the groundwork for preventing nutrition-related diseases and promoting overall well-being.

Mental health education is equally important, addressing emotional well-being and providing students with strategies for managing stress, understanding mental health issues, and fostering healthy relationships. This ensures that homeschoolers are not only academically prepared but are also emotionally resilient and capable of navigating life’s challenges.

Disease prevention education covers a wide array of topics, including personal hygiene and substance abuse prevention, crucial for equipping students with the knowledge necessary to protect themselves and others from health risks.

In essence, health education enriches homeschooling by ensuring students receive a holistic education that values their comprehensive health and well-being, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for a healthy, balanced life, mirroring the broad educational aims of public schools.

Free homeschool health curriculum

Introducing health lessons into homeschooling is very important for teaching kids how to live healthily and take good care of their bodies from a young age. Using a free health curriculum helps parents add important health topics to their teaching, making sure kids learn how to make smart choices for their health.

Health lessons at home are more than just regular schoolwork; they let parents teach in a way that really fits their child. Kids can start learning early about their bodies, eating healthy, staying active, and taking care of their mental health. These lessons help kids understand why being healthy matters and how it affects their lives.

A free health curriculum is great because it means all families can teach their kids about health, no matter how much money they have. It includes a wide range of topics, like exercise, eating right, understanding feelings, and knowing how to stay away from illnesses. Learning about these things from a young age helps kids really value being healthy.

This kind of teaching also mixes well with other school subjects. For example, kids might learn about the human body in science, figure out nutrition facts in math, or read stories about health. This way, they get a full education that prepares them for a healthy life ahead.

In short, adding a free health curriculum to homeschooling is super valuable. It starts teaching kids early about how to be healthy, helping them grow up knowing how to take good care of themselves.

Best free resources for homeschool health education

When it comes to homeschool health education, there are plenty of free homeschool resources available that cover a wide range of topics such as physical education, nutrition, first aid, and overall healthy living.


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) offers an extensive collection of health education materials on topics like disease prevention, healthy living, and safety.

Their resources are scientifically backed and include lesson plans, interactive tools, and fact sheets suitable for various age groups. Including high school health classes and homeschool families.

These resources can serve as additional resources for teaching life skills and nutrition curriculum.

Khan Academy

Known for its wide array of subject areas, Khan Academy also offers lessons on health and medicine. These include video tutorials and practice exercises on topics ranging from human anatomy to mental health. Offering a solid foundation for older students and those focusing on science subjects like earth science and body systems.

Use our free printable human body systems worksheets too!

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool offers a comprehensive, free Strong and Healthy curriculum and an exercise and health course. Providing two full years of detailed lessons on physical health, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices tailored for homeschooling.

It’s a good homeschool health curriculum for homeschool families seeking free lesson plans and interactive activities.

PE Central

PE Central offers a wealth of physical education resources, including lesson plans for various activities, games, and challenges that can be tailored to different age groups. It’s a great way to incorporate physical fitness into the homeschool routine.

Choose My Plate

Managed by the USDA, provides resources focused on nutrition. It offers interactive tools, dietary guidelines, and lesson plans designed to teach children about healthy eating habits and nutrition basics.

healthy food choices

American Red Cross

For first aid education, the American Red Cross offers free access to resources and training materials.

These can be invaluable in teaching students how to respond in emergencies and understand basic first aid and CPR.

National Institute of Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) provides free educational materials on mental health topics. Offering insights into mental health disorders, emotional wellness, and how to support someone who is struggling.


Channels like SciShow, CrashCourse, and TED-Ed offer free videos on a wide range of topics, including health and science.

These can make learning more engaging and accessible for students who prefer visual and auditory learning methods.

Check out the best anatomy book for kids!

Project Gutenberg

While not specifically a health education resource, Project Gutenberg offers access to thousands of free ebooks.

Including texts on health, biology, and physical education that can be used as supplementary reading for older students.


While primarily known for college-level courses, Edx and Coursera offer free courses on health-related topics from universities and colleges around the world.

These can be a great resource for high school students looking for advanced topics or preparing for college.

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