Mother’s Day Scattergories Printable Game

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Celebrate Mother’s Day in a unique and engaging way with our beautifully designed Mother’s Day scattergories printable.

This game is perfect for adding a fun and creative twist to your Mother’s Day festivities. It features four different boards, each with a distinct set of categories that will challenge and entertain the whole family.

The categories included in our printable are thoughtfully chosen to spark delightful discussions about Mom’s favorites and everyday life.

Each board is topped with one of the heartfelt letters: LOVE, WISH, KIND, BEST, making each game unique and special.

This free Mother’s Day printable is a great way to spend quality time as a family.

Variety of 'Mother's Day Scattergories' game sheets with the words 'LOVE,' 'WISE,' 'BEST,' and 'KIND' spelled out at the top for word inspiration. The sheets have blank lines for players to write answers corresponding to categories related to Mother's Day

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Scattergories to play on Mother’s Day

Playing and printing out the Mother’s Day Scattergories game is a fun and easy way to bring laughter and joy to your Mother’s Day celebration.

This printable game encourages creativity and quick thinking, making it perfect for family gatherings or virtual celebrations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play and print out the game:

How to print

For the best experience, print your Scattergories boards on cardstock or high-quality paper. This ensures durability and a better feel when handling the game boards.

Make sure your printer settings are adjusted to print in color and set to the highest quality for the best visuals. If the printable is designed to fit an A4 or US Letter size, adjust your printer settings accordingly.

Consider laminating your boards if you plan on using them multiple times. This makes the boards reusable and you can use dry-erase markers to play the game over and over.

Materials needed

  • Mother’s Day scattergories boards
  • Timers (smartphone timer works great)
  • Pens or pencils for each player
  • Prizes for the winners (optional)
A Mother's Day Scattergories activity sheet with the word 'KIND' highlighted across the top. It's adorned with a pink pen and colorful beads, and includes categories like 'Type of flower' and 'Mother's Day gift'

Game setup

  1. Each player receives a scattergories board. Each board should have a unique letter at the top; for this printable, the letters are LOVE, WISH, KIND, and BEST.
  2. Decide on a time limit for each round. Typically, 2-3 minutes per round works well.

Playing the game

  1. Once the timer starts, players must come up with words that fit the categories on their board and begin with the letter at the top of their board. For instance, if the letter is “L” and the category is “Type of Flower,” a valid answer could be “Lily.”
  2. Players try to fill in as many categories as possible within the time limit. The challenge is to think of unique answers that other players might not duplicate.
  3. When the time is up, players compare answers. A unique answer scores one point. If two or more players have the same answer, that answer scores zero points.
  4. Play as many rounds as there are boards, then tally up the scores.

The player with the most points after all rounds is the winner!

Tips for a successful game

  • Encourage players to think creatively to come up with unique answers.
  • If playing with younger children, consider giving them more time or helping them with tougher letters.
  • Add to the Mother’s Day theme by decorating the play area with flowers, Mother’s Day banners, and serving light refreshments.

This Mother’s Day scattergories game not only offers a fun activity but also sparks conversations and shared laughter, making the holiday memorable. After printing, gather your family or connect online with loved ones to enjoy this engaging game that celebrates Motherhood in a playful and interactive way.


  • TV show
  • Food
  • Mother’s Day gift
  • Hobby
  • Things inside Mom’s bag
  • Chocolate
  • Favorite house chore
  • Mom’s favorite Color
  • Perfume brand
  • Type of flower
Mother's Day Scattergories printable with the word 'BEST' spelled out. Surrounded by a blue pen and magenta beads, the sheet prompts creative answers for categories like 'Perfume brand' and 'Hobby'.

The letters at the top of each of the boards are:

  • LOVE
  • WISH
  • KIND
  • BEST

Additional Mother’s Day games

Mother’s Day is perfect for bonding over fun activities. Here are additional games to enhance your celebration:

Our free Mother’s Day bingo printable features icons like flowers and chocolates, ideal for family fun. Print the cards, draw tiles, and see who gets five in a row first.

Set up a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt with clues leading to items related to Mom’s favorites. It’s a playful way to explore and celebrate her special day.

Challenge your family with a Mother’s Day word scramble using mom-related words. This quick-paced game is fun and stimulating for all ages.

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Download the free scattergories for Mother’s Day

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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