Osmo Coding Starter Kit Review: All You Need To Know

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If you are wanting to introduce coding to your child you need to read this Osmo Coding Starter Kit Review.

Teaching homeschool coding at a young age helps children solve everyday problems and is crucial to their education.

With cars being able to drive themselves already. Plus kids have so many toys orientated toward electronic gaming, that it is almost impossible to avoid it.

This Osmo Coding Starter Kit review explains why this is the best introduction to coding for kids.

My son from the age of 4 could work his way around an iPad far better than I could. So the world has clearly changed drastically from when I was this age, over 30 years ago.

The word programming still terrifies me and makes me think of computer nerds who don’t leave their bedrooms.

But as everything we use these days involves coding, it is absolutely vital that kids can understand it.

black background with coding in different colors. with the words: The best fun way to teach kids to code with Osmo Coding Starter Kits

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What is Play Osmo?

We recently came across Osmo, a fun coding game for kids. Osmo coding was founded back in 2013 by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler. They set out to create “something awesome that inspires the youngest generation.”

Teaching kids to code will certainly overcome the fear of technology.

Osmo teaches logic skills and problem-solving. It also helps kids succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Coding Awbie is the easiest way to teach your kids to code.

It is aimed at children aged between 5 and 12 years old, and can only be played on an IPad or iPhone.

The kid’s coding language used is Awbie. Where you can jump, walk, repeat, hand, and play so it is a super easy starting position.

Teaching kids to code is so important and is now part of the school curriculum. If you are looking for coding for homeschoolers Osmo is fantastic for this for younger students.

Carry on reading for our Osmo kit review a brilliant coding game for kids.

Osmo Base and Osmo Coding Starter Kit

What is included in the Osmo coding kit

In the box, there are 8 number blocks and 11 game pieces. These are all incredibly well made and are magnetic and very colorful (perfect for kids).

The arrows can also change direction just by gently turning them in the direction you would like them to go.

The Osmo starter kit comes with the base included, and this is used for all of the Osmo games.

What came in the Osmo box and the base. There are numbers 1-5, and directional plastic blocks.

The Osmo base can either fit an iPhone or an IPad by easily changing the base around. There are details showing how to do this.

The red connection on the base is a clever mirror that sits on top of your IPad so it can read the coding you have done.

Boy Playing Osmo Coding with Awbie on the IPad

The above picture for example is telling Awbie to move up 2 spaces to get to the chest. It only took a couple of goes for my son to understand what needed to be done. 

In the beginning, there is lots of help, and shows you what coding blocks to use.

Teaching kids how to code is so important and Osmo Coding with Awbie is a great introduction for kids.

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Boy playing Osmo Coding with Awbie on a white table with the coding treasure map next to it.

My son had nearly completed level 4 when I received an email from Osmo. This showed me a treasure map to a secret island on level 5 where you could collect more strawberries, pies, and chests.

The level could have been completed without this map though. But when he saw his score after this round he was most impressed.

This is one of the best educational toys for 5 year olds!

Play Osmo review

This is an absolutely brilliant game and he had no idea he was actually learning, which is always a bonus! I cannot recommend this highly enough it is fabulous. Grab your Osmo game here.

As soon as my son has completed this coding game we will definitely be ordering different ones.

Check out our Osmo Coding Jam review too.

We both can’t recommend Osmo highly enough, it is a fantastic introduction to the world of coding through game play.

It is a true testament to how great it is as we have already completed both this level and the Osmo coding jam, and continued to order more!

What are the best Osmo learning games?

Order your educational gifts for kids today, Osmo has so many, but these are the best coding kits for kids:

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