Osmo Coding Jam – How to encourage children to start coding?

Osmo Coding Jam - Teaching kids coding and programming in a fun way.
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It is getting more and more important to get kids coding and I have now found the solution. Osmo Coding Jam.

There is a constant battle in our house with Freddie insisting on playing computer games, and me insisting that he either reads or plays more educational games.

I am sure (well I hope!) we are not the only household in this situation. I am not sure about you, but we have a very old Xbox 360, a Wii U, and now a Nintendo Switch and trying to limit them is no fun at all.

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Osmo is the answer…….

Who Is Osmo? 

Osmo creates EDUCATIONAL games that are played on the IPAD that your kids and you will absolutely love. The kids think they are playing on the IPAD and you know they are learning.

Programming was always a fairly geeky word for me when I was in my twenties (to be fair I had never really heard of it before). I did my dissertation on whether internet banking would take off, just so you appreciate that times have changed a lot since I was a child.

Osmo was developed back in 2014 and there are now ten different games you can buy, depending on your children’s interests and abilities. This is a fantastic way to get kids coding.

The best kids coding game - Osmo Coding Jam #coding #programming

Osmo Coding Review – OSMO Coding Jam

Freddie absolutely loves music and wants to be a rock star when he grows up (along with a Paediatrician and a full-time gamer!!). This was definitely the right game for him. You create your own music by coding different sounds and beats in different music studios.

In the box there was a great purple plastic holder for the coding pieces. I have to say the quality of these coding blocks is absolutely amazing. They are magnetic, nice and big for small hands, colourful and possibly most importantly wipeable!. In each box you receive there are also some collectible cards (which Freddie loves, in fact, he collects any type of card going!)

Osmo Coding Jam Review - Osmo coding review

We did not need to order the IPad base as we have already reviewed the Osmo Awbie coding set and as such already had the base. This is a requirement for playing the game. But when you have got it you can play any of the ten games.

Osmo Coding Jam IPad

The attention to detail is also amazing. You initially download the coding app from the App Store with your child’s details. When you are ready you can set up a stage name.

Well, this was great, there are so many options you can choose from, which you can randomise if you wanted. Freddie insisted on being a tiger so we had to keep scrolling through all the different options. I am not sure how many there are, but my God it seemed like hundreds!.

Freddie chose Cool Strong Tiger and as you can see below it is showing on the top of the screen when they play.

Osmo Coding Jam Studio

There are lots of practice levels, and as you go through them you collect points. By collecting the points you unlock lots of new characters, studios and different music.

The Osmo Coding Jam is aimed at children aged between 6 and 12 years old. Freddie has just turned 8 and I can easily see him playing this for a number of years more.

Where to buy Osmo Coding Jam?

Get your Osmo coding games here, they have so many, but these are our favorites.

Osmo Coding Jam Starter Kit

Osmo Coding Starter Kit

Osmo Genius Starter Kit

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

Osmo Creative Starter Kit

Osmo Detective Agency

Osmo Pizza Co.

Osmo Math Wizard

Osmo Coding Review Summary

We absolutely love this addition to the Osmo gaming family, and really would highly recommend it. Freddie genuinely loved it and has told all of his friends about it.

It is so important to understand the coding language. This is a great way to get kids coding.

Osmo Coding Jam - Kids Programming Review

The Osmo Coding Jam was sent for free for an honest review. Check out our recent post on homeschool programming, with 15 ways to encourage a love of coding in kids.

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