Free Pi Day Bingo Printable

Celebrating Pi Day just got more exciting with our Pi Day bingo printable!

This engaging activity is perfect for teachers and parents to add a fun twist to learning about Pi.

Pi Day, celebrated on March 14th (3.14), honors the mathematical constant (pi), and our printable offers a unique way to commemorate this day with educational entertainment.

By incorporating Pi-themed bingo cards, children can explore various aspects of mathematics, geometry, and the significance of Pi in a fun setting.

Whether you’re hosting a Pi Day party in your classroom, at home, or even virtually, these free printable bingo cards are an excellent addition to your festivities. With clear, vibrant designs and Pi-related concepts, it’s a fantastic way to engage young kids in the wonders of math.

pi day bingo

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Pi Day bingo

Let’s elevate your Pi Day celebration with an engaging round of Pi Day bingo, a perfect blend of fun and education!

This unique game comes with 5 free printable bingo cards, designed in a classic 5×5 grid, along with a comprehensive bingo calling board.

Supplies needed

How to set up the Pi Day bingo game

Print the game in color or black and white on cardstock or regular printer paper (6 pages).

The first 5 pages are the bingo boards. Consider laminating for reuse (optional).

Cut up the last page to create the bingo calling cards.

pi day memory match game

How to play Pi Day bingo

Playing Pi Day Bingo is super fun and easy, perfect for younger kids to join in! Here’s how to make sure everyone has a blast:

Start by giving each little player their very own Pi Day bingo card. If you’ve got a big group with more than 5 kids, no worries! You’ll just use more bingo cards so that everyone gets one.

Next, everyone needs something to mark their cards with. This could be fun markers, crayons, or even stickers! Make sure each player is ready to go.

Now comes the exciting part! The person calling out the bingo (maybe a teacher, parent, or an older kid) will hold up the bingo calling cards and announce pictures one by one. They might say something like, “Pi Symbol!” so listen closely.

When you hear the picture that’s on your card, mark it! You’re trying to make a line either up, down, sideways, or diagonally across your card.

The moment you get a full line, yell “Bingo!” as loud as you can. This lets everyone know you think you’ve won.

The caller will come over to see your card. They’ll check to make sure you’ve got the right pattern and that all the images you’ve marked were really called out.

If your bingo is a good one, you’re the winner for that round! We’ll cheer and then start a new game so everyone gets a chance to win.

free pi bingo printable

Various ways to enjoy the Pi Day bingo printable

Now, ready for a super fun Pi Day? Our Pi Day bingo printable is here to make it awesome! Check these cool ways to use it:

  1. Play bingo in class. Learn about Pi while having a blast with your classmates!
  2. Have a family game night on Pi Day. Play bingo and enjoy yummy pie together.
  3. Teachers can use the bingo printable in class. It’s a cool way to learn about Pi.
  4. If you’re learning from home, play Pi Day bingo online with your classmates over video chat.
  5. Make learning Pi more fun during math tutoring with the bingo game.

Try our free Pi Day bingo printable and you’ll always have fun with this engaging games throughout the entire year!

free pi day bingo printable

Additional Pi Day fun

Want more Pi Day excitement? Try these engaging worksheets and activities! Explore math fun and celebrate March 14th in style.

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Download the free printable Pi Day bingo

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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