Free Spring Memory Game Printable For Kids

Discover the joys of spring with our enchanting spring memory game printable, featuring 12 delightful images that capture the essence of the season.

This printable game is perfect for engaging young minds and celebrating the beauty of spring in an interactive and fun way.

Printable memory games like this are designed to enhance cognitive skills such as memory and attention in a manner that is both engaging and informative. Making it an ideal resource for educational settings or home learning environments.

spring memory game

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Free printable spring matching game

Our free printable memory game is filled with beautiful pictures that celebrate spring. It’s a great way for kids to play and learn about this wonderful season. Here are the pictures you’ll find in our game:

  • A child dressed like a lamb, showing the soft side of spring.
  • A child in a chick outfit, reminding us of new starts.
  • A child looking like a beautiful flower, showing off spring’s colorful blooms.
  • A bunny that we often talk about during Easter.
  • A gnome wearing a hat with pink flowers, for a touch of magic.
  • A carrot, showing the fresh veggies that grow in spring.
  • A boy in a blue T-shirt with a bunny design, ready for spring fun.
  • A tree in spring, with new leaves coming out.
  • Logs with flowers on them, showing how life comes back in spring.
  • 3 stones decorated with spring flowers, adding beauty to the season.
  • A girl in a dress with flower designs, matching the spring theme.
  • A rainbow and the sun, bringing hope and brightness after rain.

How to set up the spring memory game

Download the spring game below which will give you a page with 12 special spring pictures.

This printable spring game is free to print but is for personal use or classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the instant download pdf file.

You need to print the page two times so you have pairs of each picture to match up. For best results I highly recommend printing on white card stock

spring memory match game

We enjoy making the backs of the cards colorful.

First, trim off the edges around the page to separate the 12 pictures.

Next, pick up your favorite coloring pens and start coloring.

A quick tip: if you’re using regular thin paper, it’s better to use colored pencils or crayons. Markers might soak through and spoil the picture on the other side.

spring memory match game

Once you’ve printed both pages, cut out all the pictures.

I like using a paper cutter because it’s fast and the cuts are straight, but scissors work too.

Now, you’ll have two sets of 12 pictures, so 24 cards in total for your game.

free spring memory game printable

How to play the spring matching game?

Start by mixing up the cards and laying them face down on a flat surface.

You can arrange them in neat rows or randomly scatter them for a bit more challenge.

Players take turns flipping over two cards at a time, trying to find matching pairs of the delightful spring images.

If a player finds a match, they keep the pair and get another turn.

If not, the cards are flipped back over, and it’s the next player’s turn. The game continues until all pairs are found.

The player with the most pairs of cards at the end wins.

This game is not only entertaining but also helps improve memory and concentration skills, making it a wonderful springtime activity.

free spring memory game printable (2)

What are the benefits of playing memory matching games?

Memory games are not just entertaining; they play a significant role in developing a range of skills essential for personal and academic growth. By participating in these games, kids of all ages can enhance their memory skills, which are crucial for recalling information and executing complex tasks.

These games also improve visual discrimination skills, enabling young children to quickly identify differences and similarities among various visual elements.

Engaging in memory games can boost fine motor skills through the physical action of flipping cards, which requires precision and coordination.

A memory matching game contributes to the development of visual perceptual skills, aiding in the organization and interpretation of visual information. A key aspect of navigating daily life and learning environments.

They also offer a fun and interactive way to expand language skills, as discussing and naming the images on the cards can enrich vocabulary and comprehension.

Beyond cognitive benefits, memory games are a valuable tool for social emotional learning, providing opportunities for players to practice patience, turn-taking, and empathy within a competitive yet friendly setting.

These games encourage critical thinking and strategic planning, critical functions that support problem-solving and decision-making.

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Other free spring printables

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Dive into the colors of spring with spring handprint art. This simple yet engaging craft involves using handprints to create spring-themed designs like flowers and animals on paper. Kids can unleash their creativity by transforming their handprints into colorful spring season scenes, adding details with markers or paints. It’s a fun way to celebrate the season while making keepsakes that capture the joy of spring.

Challenge your word skills with our spring word scramble printable. This fun activity sheet is filled with mixed-up words all about spring, from blooming flowers to lively animals. It’s great for older children, helping to improve vocabulary and spelling in an enjoyable way. Perfect for classrooms or a rainy day activity, it brings educational fun to the springtime.

Enjoy the Easter spirit with our Easter memory game printable. This fun game features memory cards with cheerful Easter images, such as bunnies and eggs, for players to match. It’s a fantastic way to boost memory and focus through a festive, Easter-themed challenge. Suitable for family fun or classroom activities, it’s easy to set up and play, promising hours of entertainment.

memory game printables


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Download the free printable matching game

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

Additional fun spring activities

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