Free Math Bingo Printable (Addition & Subtraction 1-10)

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Our free math bingo printable is a fun way for kids to explore numbers and math.

This printable isn’t just a game; it’s a great way for kids to practice counting, adding, and subtracting.

We have five different bingo boards showing numbers or pictures up to 10, and the calling cards ask simple math questions like “6-1” or “2+2.”

Our printable number bingo keeps kids engaged and helps them improve basic math skills. It combines numbers, pictures, and math questions to support learning in various ways.

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, these free printable bingo cards are perfect for making math fun.

Printable Math Bingo game card featuring colorful birthday party icons representing numbers 1 to 9, with math problems as call-out cards, designed to make learning fun for children.

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Get ready to play math practice bingo

This is such a simple game, and yet it is so much fun to play.

Included are five free printable bingo boards with a 5×5 grid. Plus there is the calling card to cut out.

Print out the game, we like to use cardstock, but any printer paper will work.

For a more professional look (and so you can use it next year!) I highly recommend a laminator. If you’re anything like me you probably laminate everything anyway!

Grab your paper trimmer and cut out the questions on the calling card (or scissors if you have a steady hand!).

Put the images into a bowl or any container.

How to play

When you have printed all of the bingo boards and cut out the calling card, you are ready to play early learning numbers bingo!

math bingo boards

Give each player a math picture bingo board; there are a total of 5 different boards.

Provide each player with a pen or consider using special dot markers for added fun during the game.

Select a calling card from the bowl, such as “1 + 2,” and announce it. Players must mark off the corresponding item on their picture math bingo boards, and you may need to assist younger ones.

math bingo cards

Introduce the concept of the “free space,” found in the center of the bingo board. This space counts as already marked, giving players a head start toward getting five in a row.

The game progresses with calling cards being drawn until a player marks off five spaces in a row—horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, including the free space—and yells “Bingo!”

Keep playing until someone completes a line and shouts “bingo!”

free math bingo cards

Once everyone is familiar with the game rules, begin playing and find out who shouts “bingo” first.

Enjoy the engaging learning experience with the math bingo calling board.

free printable math bingo

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Download the free counting bingo boards

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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