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We have recently come across Smartick, an awesome online maths program for children aged 4-14.

We love maths in this house.

Yes, I know that is weird! But we really do. In a previous life, I was a Finance Director, my husband is an engineer, and now Freddie is following in the footsteps of our love for maths!

However, I would like to add, the last time I went to school was a very long time ago. So it is important for us to find the best homeschool math program we can.

We have found it.

Smartick is not only educational but it is fun. Keep reading for our full review and a massive 25% off

Who doesn’t enjoy playing computer games? Well, Freddie sure does. So learning maths while playing Smartick games is a win win in this house.

Disclosure – I was paid for this review, however, as always all views are my own. I did not have to write a positive review. We love Smartick, it is a great homeschool math resource.

What is the Smartick Method?

It is an online maths program for kids aged between 4 – 14. Smartick started in Spain, but is now used in America, UK, and over 75 other countries! Currently, there are over 20,000 worldwide users of Smartick.

Smartick adapts to the child’s level and learning pace in real time, allowing them to take it at their own pace.

They have also collaborated with MIT and have been published by the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Listen, if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for my baby!! It is also supported by the European Union.

Smartick uses Artificial Intelligence so it meets your child’s strengths and weaknesses. So if your child is below or above their expected level, Smartick adjusts to their needs.

Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

It is recommended to only access this for 15 minutes a day. To be honest, it is not a hardship either. Freddie really enjoys getting on and “playing math”.

As soon as your child logs on it asks them how they feel today, and after they have finished their session it asks again. I think this personal touch is so important. Parents get to see how their child feels before and after so if there is a problem it can be dealt with straight away.

Smartick Review Emoji

How Does The Smartick Method Work?

I love so much about this homeschool math curriculum, but one of my favourites is the questions asked.

The maths questions are not in the same format every time. Below are 2 great examples. There are also interactive video based questions, where you watch a video and answer the questions as you go.

Example Questions from Smartick
Example questions from Smartick Method

When the child has completed their daily lessons they get rewarded with ticks and bonuses as can be seen below.

Smartick Reward Chart

But what is even better, when they have completed their homeschool maths. They can enter the virtual world and really play.

Win rewards with Smartick

Smartick Games – Virtual World

Now we LOVED this. So once the 15 minute lesson is out of the way, you can go into the virtual world. You collect ticks along the way with correct answers and you can buy things in the store.

As you can see below you can update your avatar, with glasses, hats etc. But you have to earn enough points to do this.

Playing Smartick - Math Program

Within this virtual world you can also add any friends who also subscribe to Smartick. You can even purchase a pet with reward points (ticks) and change the weather!

Smartick Brain – Competitions

We are incredibly competitive in our house, and as soon as anyone mentions the word competition, we are there! So we were delighted to find Smartick has maths competitions! Go to the virtual gym and you can play loads of different math games. Well, it is certainly exercising your brain!

You can choose what type of maths game you would like to play. They can also adjust the difficulty from easy through to hard. There is also a choice of what maths subject you want to compete in, counting, fractions, geometry etc.

Playing games with Smartick - Math homeschool program
Competitions with Smartick

Here is Freddie with his customised avatar, thanks to the shop, where he purchased a hat!

Ready to compete with Smartick

Personalised Rewards and Messages

Another great thing about Smartick is you can create your own reward system. As you can see below if Freddie earned 10 ticks by the end of May he could have an hour on his Switch as a reward! How motivating is that!! Well, it certainly was for us. But you can choose anything!

Smartick Rewards

I also love that you can send personal messages to your child, to help motivate them. Although Freddie hates it when I am soppy so I just got “the look”. But I loved it anyway!

Smartick Private Message

Smartick Review

I absolutely love Smartick and more importantly so does Freddie.

Pros of Smartick

  • As a parent you get daily emails, informing you of your child’s progress, and if they missed a lesson too.
  • The variety of the ways the questions are asked.
  • It is really colourful and modern, and the questions are really varied.
  • It is like playing computer games (this was Freddie’s favourite part)
  • There is a virtual world the children can spend their points in.
  • I love the messaging and the personal reward system.
  • The fact you can trial this for free for 15 days is fantastic.
  • I love that Smartick asks about their mood, before and after each lesson.
  • You can use a PC, laptop, Ipad or Kindle to access Smartick.
  • It adapts to the child

Cons of Smartick

  • You can’t download the Smartick app on an android phone! As you can tell I am really scraping the barrel here for negatives!
  • Personally as we love maths in this house, we would prefer it to be more than 15 minutes. I do understand why it is limited, but, the option to increase this would be better in my opinion.

Overall, I can not recommend this maths curriculum online enough.

Is your child struggling with Math? Have fun with the best homeschool math program, Smartick

How Much Does Smartick Cost?

What is great is there is a 15% OFF plus a 15 day free trial.

But if you subscribe to Smartick via this link you can get a massive 15% off with a 15 day free trial.

The prices quoted below are US Dollars without the discount. This is very comparable to IXL and other online homeschool resources.

How much does Smartick cost?

Do you use Smartick? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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