Free Alphabet Matching Game Printable for ABC Fun

Get ready for fun with our alphabet matching game printable!

It’s got 9 pages with the letters of the alphabet and animal pictures. Each of the uppercase letters has a matching animal that starts with the same letter, like ‘A’ for ‘Alligator’ and ‘B’ for ‘Bear’.

This feature not only solidifies letter recognition but also introduces your child to the fascinating world of animals.

Underneath each animal illustration, you’ll find the animal’s name in dotted lines, inviting children to practice writing and spelling out the words themselves.

This dual-action learning tool is perfect for both classroom and at-home education, providing a fun way for children to connect each letter with its sound and corresponding animal.

This is one of our favorite printable memory games for younger children, as it is not only fun it is educational.

alphabet matching game printable

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How to use the alphabet memory game printable

Ready for a fun learning adventure? Our alphabet matching game printable is here to bring hours of enjoyment and education to your little ones.

It’s a fantastic memory game that helps kids learn their ABCs and the animals that go with each letter.

You can print this game on your home printer. These printable alphabet picture cards are free to print, but they are for personal use or classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the pdf file.

Before you cut out the 52 images, let the kids draw or decorate the back of the pages to make their game unique. But make sure to do this before cutting!

After decorating, cut out all the images. This is great for practicing scissor skills too!

If you don’t have card stock, just print on regular paper and then laminate them. This is perfect, especially for larger groups of kids, because it makes your cards last a lot longer.

free alphabet memory game printable

Once they’re cut out, there are so many ways to play! Scatter the cards on a table and have the young kids find the matches. Like the upper case letter ‘A’ with the ‘Alligator’. Or, flip them over for a traditional memory game.

These letter cards double as flashcards. Show one card at a time and have kids shout out the letter or the animal’s name.

Play a game of ‘Snap’ by dividing the deck between players and flipping cards one at a time until a letter and its matching animal card are shown.

alphabet snap printable

Remember, the main goal is to have fun while learning. So print out your alphabet memory match game, grab some scissors, and get ready for an alphabet adventure that’s sure to create lasting memories and learning success!

Tracing words on animal cards for added learning

In addition to matching letters with animals in our alphabet matching game printable, each animal card has a special feature to enhance the learning experience.

Underneath the colorful illustrations of animals, you will find the name of each animal written in lowercase letters. These words are presented in a traceable format, inviting children to practice their handwriting skills.

This aspect of the game offers several benefits:

  1. Tracing words helps children understand and remember the shapes of lower case letters.
  2. Tracing is a precursor to independent writing. Helping children develop control and precision in their hand movements.
  3. As children trace the names of the animals, they become familiar with the spelling of these words. Contributing to their vocabulary and spelling skills.
  4. Recognizing and tracing words aids in developing early reading skills. As children begin to associate written words with their corresponding images and sounds.
  5. Tracing caters to kinesthetic learners who learn best through movement and doing. Making the game inclusive for different types of learners.
free alphabet matching game printable

By incorporating word tracing into the alphabet matching game printable, we provide a more comprehensive educational tool that not only makes learning fun but also supports key developmental areas in early childhood education.

Have fun with our free alphabet bingo printable.

What are the benefits of playing a letter matching game?

Playing alphabet memory games can have a multitude of benefits for children, especially in their early developmental years. Here are some key advantages:

  1. These games help children distinguish between different letters, an essential skill for reading.
  2. Matching games require children to remember the location of cards, which can improve memory and lengthen attention spans.
  3. By matching letters with words and pictures, children can learn new words and concepts.
  4. Children get to practice sounds associated with each letter, which is crucial for developing phonemic awareness, a foundational reading skill.
  5. Picking up, placing, and flipping over cards helps with fine motor skills.
  6. Alphabet-matching games challenge children to think critically as they make connections between letters and images.
  7. Kids learn to pay attention to visual details as they discern differences and similarities between letters and images.
  8. Successfully matching cards provides a sense of achievement, which can boost a child’s confidence and willingness to engage in learning.
  9. When played with others, these learning games can promote social skills like patience and waiting for one’s turn.
  10. Such games can be easily adapted to cater to a child’s learning pace. Making them an excellent interactive way to engage with the most reluctant kids.
free abc memory game printable

Incorporating alphabet matching games into playtime is not only fun but is also a subtle and effective educational strategy that can have lasting benefits for a child’s literacy and cognitive development.

You will also enjoy our free alphabet scavenger hunt!

Additional alphabet fun

Carry on learning the ABCs with even more free printable alphabet preschool worksheets:

  • Dive into a hands-on fun activity with our a is for apple handprint template. It’s a great way to combine art and learning. Simply have your child press their hand onto a paint-covered sponge and then onto the paper to make an apple shape. Once it’s dry, they can add details like a stem and leaf!
  • Color your way through the ABCs with our alphabet animals coloring pages. Each page features a different animal that corresponds with a letter of the alphabet, from ‘Alligator’ to ‘Zebra’. Coloring these pages can help reinforce alphabet recognition skills and is a great activity for quiet time.
  • Start at the very beginning with our letter a coloring page free printable. It encourages kids to practice their coloring skills while focusing on the first letter of the alphabet. You can talk about other ‘A’ words while they color to build their vocabulary.
memory game printables


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Download the free alphabet memory matching game

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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