Free Back to School Alphabet Coloring Worksheets

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Have fun on the first week back with these free back to school alphabet worksheets.

Color your way through the alphabet with these fun coloring back to school themed worksheets.

This first week of school coloring book packet is for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade. But of course, it can be used with older children if needed.

These free first day of school worksheets are a great way to start the new year with a recap of the letters.

BACK TO SCHOOL ALPHABET WORKSHEETS with the title in large green letters. Several alphabet worksheets are visible in the background, with one in the foreground showing letter A activities and colored images, complemented by green and red beads on the sides, emphasizing the learning theme.

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Who can benefit from these alphabet worksheets?

These back to school free printable alphabet preschool worksheets are designed to benefit a wide range of learners, making them suitable for various age groups and educational settings. Here’s who can benefit from these engaging worksheets:

These worksheets are an excellent introduction to the alphabet for preschoolers who are just starting to explore letters and their sounds. The colorful images and interactive activities make learning the ABCs fun and enjoyable.

For kindergartners, these worksheets reinforce letter recognition and provide practice with tracing, which is crucial for developing early writing skills.

First grade students can use these worksheets to reinforce their knowledge of the alphabet and further develop their fine motor skills through coloring and tracing activities.

Even older children who need a refresher on letter recognition or struggle with certain letters can benefit from these worksheets as a fun and engaging review.

back to school alphabet coloring pages

Back to school activities for learning the alphabet

Print out the 26 full pages of the school alphabet letters, each featuring an image corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. These adorable images will capture your child’s imagination as they color their way through the ABCs.

Here’s a sneak peek at the letters and images to color:

back to school alphabet worksheets letter a
  • A is for apple,
  • B is for bus,
  • C is for crayon,
  • D is for desk,
  • E is for eraser,
  • F is for first aid box,
  • G is for gluestick,
  • H is for homework,
  • I is for ink,
  • J is for janitor
  • K is for kids
  • L is for lunchbox
  • M is for math
  • N is for numbers
  • O is for on time
  • P is for pencil
  • Q is for question
  • R is for reading
  • S is for school
  • T is for teacher
  • U is for unifix
  • V is for voices
  • W is for writing
  • X is for textbook
  • Y is for yearbook
  • Z is for zip pouch
An educational worksheet featuring the letter B with sections for coloring and tracing the word "Bus." The worksheet is partially colored and depicts a yellow school bus, along with various items starting with B, like a butterfly and books. Green and purple beads are artistically arranged around it, with a box of Crayola crayons to the side.

What is on each letter of the alphabet worksheet?

Each printable school alphabet letter provides various activities to reinforce letter recognition and early reading skills:

Coloring Fun: Let your child’s creativity shine as they color both the upper case and lower case letters on each worksheet.

School Theme Picture: Each letter is paired with a charming school-related picture, allowing your child to associate the letter with real-world objects.

A learning activity sheet highlighting the letter C, including sections to color and trace the word "Crayon." It shows crayons and other objects starting with C like a cat and cake, colored in. The arrangement is complemented by green and purple beads and accompanied by a Crayola crayons pack.

Tracing Practice: For additional learning, your child can practice tracing both the upper case and lower case letters, as well as trace a school-related word associated with each letter.

Letter Recognition: Engage your child’s letter recognition skills with a fun activity where they can circle the correct letter.

Phonics Play: Strengthen phonics skills by coloring pictures that begin with the sound of each letter.

letter h back to school page

Fun alphabet learning activities beyond the worksheets

Here are the five best fun alphabet learning activities beyond the worksheets:

  1. Hide small objects around the house or classroom that represent each letter of the alphabet. Provide clues or letter hints, and let yourself go on a treasure hunt to find the items corresponding to each letter.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt outdoors or indoors and challenge yourself to find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet. Take photos or draw pictures of the objects found for a creative alphabet scrapbook.
  3. Incorporate movement and mindfulness into alphabet learning. Assign each letter a yoga pose that begins with that letter’s sound. For example, “S” can be “Snake Pose,” and “D” can be “Dog Pose.”
  4. Choose a letter of the alphabet and involve yourself in preparing a snack or meal that starts with that letter. For example, make “A” is for “Apple Slices” or “P” is for “Pizza.”
  5. Let yourself create art projects using cut-out letters from magazines, newspapers, or colored paper. You can make collages of words that start with each letter or create letter-themed art.
A worksheet for the letter F with activities like coloring and tracing the word "First Aid." It's adorned with images such as a frog, a flag, and a fish, which are all objects starting with F and have been partially colored in. The aesthetic layout includes red and green beads spiraling around, while a box of Crayola crayons adds a touch of practicality to the scene.

Other free back to school printables

back to school activities


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