21 Best Pirate History Books for Kids

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The best pirate history books aimed at kids aged between 8 and 18 bring the thrilling world of pirates to young readers with an engaging blend of adventure, history, and discovery.

These books are designed to captivate the imagination of children and teens, presenting the lives and exploits of pirates like Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and many more through stories that are both educational and entertaining.

With a focus on accuracy and excitement, these books make history come alive, offering insights into the maritime legends and the era they dominated.

They serve as an excellent resource for young readers eager to embark on a historical journey, making them among the best books for kids interested in the thrilling world of pirates.

best non fiction pirate books

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Best non fiction pirate books for kids

Embark on a thrilling voyage through history with an array of engaging non-fiction books about pirates.

These books weave together the daring escapades of the most notorious pirates, such as the legendary Blackbeard, the powerful Ching Shih, and the fearless Anne Bonny and Mary Read, into a rich tapestry of adventure and historical discovery.

With dynamic storytelling, detailed research, and captivating illustrations, these books unravel the mysteries of the pirate era, offering insights into their strategies, lifestyles, and the legends that surround them.

Ideal for young adventurers fascinated by tales of the high seas and the allure and intrigue of pirates’ lives.

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So hoist the Jolly Roger and check out all of the best pirate books for kids:

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