10 Best History Books For Kids

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We’ve got a massive stash of over 100 homeschool history books. Everything from serious encyclopedias to super cool classic novels! Now, get ready for the fun part. I’m sharing our absolute top 10 best history books for kids. These are the ones I think every kid should read at least once.

Guess what? History is our second favorite subject in our homeschool. It’s a blast! These books we’ve picked are like time machines to exciting adventures.

They’re not your boring old history books, they’re packed with awesome stories and cool facts that’ll make you go “Wow!” So, make sure to check out the best books for kids that’ll make history class a blast!

best homeschool history books

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In this post, I am going to share with you our top 10 homeschool history books every child should have (or at least read.) I will then share with you the best homeschool history curriculum resources for middle school.

Top 10 best history books

These homeschool history books are aimed at upper elementary grades and middle school students.

10 of the best homeschool history books you are going to need this year.

The first 2 books have been used with every history curriculum we have used, and are the most important. The last 4 books are our favorite homeschool history reading books.

Homeschool history curriculum

Now I have shared our favorite homeschool history books, now it is time to share my favorite homeschool history curriculums.

These are mostly secular, but we have actually found a few religious curriculums we also enjoy.

Other history resources

Let me know what your favorite homeschool history books are by leaving me a comment below.

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