25 Best Board Games for 7 Year Olds (2023)

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We love playing games in our home, these are the very best board games for 7 year olds.

A lot of these board games are junior versions of the classic and traditional games we played as children. But some of them are new for 2023.

They are all simple to follow and great to play on family game nights, or for family get-togethers.

Playing board games for kids encourages them to play nicely together. Gets them off electronics, and helps brain development.

25 of the best board games for 7 year olds

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Top 5 Board Games 7 Year Olds Will Love

As this is such a big list before I jump straight into it I wanted to share our top 5 very best board games for 7 year olds that they are going to love. You will enjoy them too!

  1. Taco vs Burrito
  2. 5 Second Rule Jr
  3. Catan Jr
  4. Ticket to Ride – My First Journey
  5. Clue Jr

Encourage your kids to read with our favorite books for 7 year old boys.

Top Games for 7 Year Olds

These 25 are the absolute best games for 7 year olds.

There is a mix of strategy, cooperative, and educational games included, but most importantly they are all fun.

What is even better, is these are all fun for us moms too!

Other board games by ages

If you are looking for something educational you will also enjoy our favorite educational toys for 7 year olds.

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