Free Canada Day Worksheet | Fill in the Blank

The Canada Day worksheet offers a fun and educational way for young learners to understand the significance of Canada Day.

This free worksheet provides engaging holiday activities for kids that highlight important historical facts about Canada Day, perfect for young learners.

The Canada Day history worksheet is designed to educate and entertain young students through interactive activities that emphasize the historical importance of Canada Day.

It combines factual learning with creative expression to make the history of Canada accessible and enjoyable for kids.

A Canada Day worksheet with the title 'Canada Day Worksheet - Fill in the Blank'. The worksheet contains a history fill-in-the-blank activity about Canada Day, a word bank, and an illustration of the Canadian flag to color in.

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Canada Day for kids

Canada Day is fast approaching, and I wanted to teach my son all about the history of this special holiday.

As we are from Great Britain and now living in America, I thought it was important to teach him more about North America.

By working through these engaging activities, your child can develop a deeper appreciation of this special day and its place in Canadian history.

Whether you’re using it in a classroom or at home, this worksheet is a wonderful way to celebrate and learn about Canada’s national holiday with your little one.

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1st, commemorates the anniversary of Canada’s confederation in 1867. This national holiday is a time for fun activities, parades, fireworks, and celebrations across the country.

Carry on learning with our free North America worksheets!

Fill in the blank activity

This section includes a paragraph about Canada Day with several missing words. A word bank is provided to help students complete the sentences correctly. The key historical facts covered in this activity include:

  • The date of Canada Day (July 1st).
  • The passing of the Constitution Act by the Parliament of Great Britain in 1867.
  • The original provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario).
  • The renaming of Dominion Day to Canada Day in 1982.
  • Typical celebrations, such as fireworks and barbecues.
  • The statutory holiday status granted in 1879.
  • Major celebrations in the capital city, Ottawa.

This activity helps solidify students’ understanding of Canada Day by reinforcing key historical facts through active participation.

Coloring the Canadian flag

The worksheet also includes an outline of the Canadian flag for students to color. This activity allows for creative expression while reinforcing the visual identity of Canada.

Students can enjoy coloring the iconic red and white flag, making the learning experience both informative and fun.

Completed Canada Day history worksheet with answers filled in using red ink. The answers include terms like 'July', 'Constitution', 'Great Britain', '1867', 'Nova Scotia', 'New Brunswick', 'Ottawa', 'Dominion Day', '1982', 'fireworks', 'barbecues', and 'Ottawa'. The Canadian flag is colored in red.

Books about Canada for kids

The Kids Book of Canada by Barbara Greenwood. This comprehensive book covers everything from Canada’s geography and history to its people and culture. It’s packed with interesting facts, vibrant illustrations, and maps that make learning about Canada fun and engaging for kids.

Weird but True Canada! is filled with quirky and surprising facts about Canada, making learning fun and engaging.

A Northern Alphabet” by Ted Harrison. This beautifully illustrated book takes children on a journey through the Canadian North, with each letter of the alphabet showcasing different aspects of northern life. Ted Harrison’s unique art style and the book’s rhythmic text make it a captivating read for children.

Additional resources to celebrate Canada Day

Enhance your Canada Day celebrations with these fun and educational resources:

This engaging Canada Day word search printable is perfect for keeping kids entertained while learning important vocabulary related to Canada Day. It’s a great way to reinforce spelling and reading skills in a fun, interactive way.

Dive deeper into Canada’s geography, history, and culture with a comprehensive Canada country unit study. This resource includes a variety of activities, such as map exercises, historical timelines, and cultural exploration, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

These Canadian fact worksheets are filled with interesting facts about Canada, covering topics like the country’s provinces and territories, famous Canadians, national symbols, and more. They’re a fantastic way to expand your child’s knowledge and appreciation of Canada.

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