Best Anatomy Books for Kids: Know Yourself Curriculum

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Children start learning about their body parts from a very young age. But, it shouldn’t stop there. What bones are in the foot, and why does your blood flow, are questions that should be answered. These anatomy books for kids from Know Yourself are the best educational books for young learners.

I have a confession to make, we have never officially studied human anatomy in our homeschool. I don’t know why, I think we just focussed more on math (I know we are mad, but we love it!) As he is now in middle school I have probably left it a little late!

Your child doesn’t need to become a nurse or a doctor, or indeed even have a desire to. But learning about the skeletal structure, and blood vessels is something we should all have a brief understanding of.

You can have so much fun with your children if you find the best anatomy books for kids, and you can learn together.

I am very lucky as my son loves to read (check out his favorite book lists) and he agrees these are the best human anatomy books.

Know Yourself has created these brilliant human body books for young readers (aged 8 years old and above.) Carry on reading to see what we think, and why they are still perfect for middle school.

I think you are going to love our free body systems worksheets and the free body systems word search. These will work well with these great anatomy books.

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The best anatomy books for kids from Know Yourself

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Favorite Anatomy Books from Know Yourself

Know Yourself has created a total of 16 anatomy books for kids in 2 different series.

Dr. Bonyfide Bones of the Body Series

There are a total of 4 books in the bones of the body series:

  • Hand, Arm, and Shoulder
  • Bones of the Foot, Leg, and Pelvis
  • Rib Cage and Spine
  • Bones of the Head, Face, and Neck
The best science books for kids from Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


Inside each of the activity books, you will find word searches, x-ray vision glasses, puzzles, games and so much more. Watch this youtube video to see what is included in each of the books.

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Systems of the Body – Adventure Series

Within each of these books, there are about 15 hours of study. If you were to only do 30 minutes a day each book will take approximately 6 weeks to complete each book. You will learn all about how the body works.

There are 12 books in this systems of the body adventure series:

  1. The Five Senses
  2. The Skeletal System
  3. Circulatory System
  4. The Renal System
  5. Digestive System
  6. Immune System
  7. Muscular System
  8. The Endocrine System (you will enjoy our free endocrine system labeling worksheet)
  9. The Respiratory System
  10. The Lymphatic System
  11. The Nervous System
  12. The Integumentary System
Reading Know Yourself Books

Each of the books includes (watch this Youtube video to see an example)

  • an adventure comic
  • an introduction to the area being covered
  • activities
  • projects
  • historical fun facts
  • Recipes
  • Geography
  • Discussion topics

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Know Yourself Curriculum

Bones of the Foot Book

If you are looking for an anatomy homeschool curriculum look no further. Know Yourself has the best curriculum for your elementary and middle school-aged children.

Not only did my son (who is 12 years old) learn about human anatomy, but so did I. I can’t believe how I have gotten to my age and couldn’t name the four bones in the leg! I could have got to 3, but I had honestly not heard of the Patella!

This was the case pretty much on every page.

Without reading the stories or using the pictures I couldn’t have answered half of the questions!

Another example: what are the four proximal carpals? Not not only did I not know there were 4, but I didn’t even know what a proximal carpal was!

These anatomy books for kids are absolutely excellent for every age group (yes even me!) But, they are definitely aimed at elementary and middle school-aged children.

You can decide to buy all 16 books in a bundle which of course is the cheapest option. Or you could buy the 2 smaller bundles, or you can buy each book individually. Whatever option you choose we highly recommend Know Yourself (make sure you use code CLARE10 for 10% off.)

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These books go really well with Doctor Robins’s homeschool biology curriculum too, check out our review.



Know Yourself has also created some collectible toys. These are great for young kids who (if they are anything like mine) love little figures. The one below is Streptococcus Pyogenes, or for short coco. On the back of the card, it has the following characteristics:

  • Strengths: often mistaken for an ordinary sore throat; sneaky.
  • Weaknesses: Antibiotic attacks
  • Likes: Tonsils, kids who lick other kids
  • Dislikes: Tests, hand sanitizer

Why not treat your little monster to one of these Organauts when you buy a book? Each Organaut also comes with Mini Comic Books and Collector’s Guide Book, giving your kids an educational tour of the human body.

Get to know the bones, muscles, and everything in between with these friendly figures.

Know Yourself Review

Dr Bonyfide Books for Kids

We both absolutely love these anatomy books from Know Yourself. My son prefers the systems of the body adventure series books. But I think that is because they have an adventure comic in, and he loves comics!

We have decided though to start with the four Dr. Bonyfide books first, and when we have done these we will move on to the adventure series.

The books are exceptionally well written and of excellent quality.

These are not just simple boring science books, they have enjoyable and engaging activities on every page.

There is a certificate of completion at the end of the anatomy books that you can add to your homeschool folder too. 

We highly recommend the Know Yourself books and if you order today make sure you use code CLARE10 for 10% off.

Know Yourself Certificate of Completion

Other Fun Activities to add to your educational material

Learning about the body doesn’t (and shouldn’t) only come from books. Even if they are the best human anatomy book!

I highly recommend adding these fun activities to your anatomy unit study:

Interactive Educational Human Anatomy talking game is aimed at students aged 5-12 years old. With 4 different posters, organs, bones, body, and muscles.

Human anatomy floor puzzle is a great way to have fun while learning about the body. There are 100 pieces to make a 4 ft anatomy model.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set. Playset features 24 magnetic pieces that help kids visualize the body’s systems and organs.

Body Parts for Toddlers – Electronic Interactive Body Talking Poster. Learn names of body parts, and fun facts with this interactive poster, perfect for toddlers.

The Magic School Bus – Inside the Human body. The Magic School Bus is one of our favorite books so we had to include this as an extra anatomy book with really fun illustrations.

Anatomy doll with anatomical features is perfect for older kids.

Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite human anatomy book that your kids love.

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