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Children start learning about their body parts from a very young age. But, it shouldn’t stop there. What bones are in the foot, and why does your blood flow, are questions that should be answered. This best anatomy book for kids from Know Yourself is the best educational book for young learners.

I have a confession to make, we have never officially studied human anatomy in our homeschool. I don’t know why, I think we just focussed more on math (I know we are mad, but we love it!) As he is now in middle school I have probably left it a little late!

Your child doesn’t need to become a nurse or a doctor, or indeed even have a desire to. But learning about the skeletal structure, and blood vessels is something we should all have a brief understanding of.

You can have so much fun with your children with these best books for kids and you can learn together.

Know Yourself has created these brilliant human body books for young readers (aged 8 years old and above.) Carry on reading to see what we think, and why they are still perfect for middle school.

The best anatomy books for kids from Know Yourself

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Best anatomy books for kids

When it comes to introducing young minds to the wonders of anatomy, Know Yourself stands at the forefront, offering a captivating collection of 16 anatomy books designed specifically for kids across two engaging series.

Dr. Bonyfide Bones of the Body Series

Dive into the intricacies of the human skeleton with the Dr. Bonyfide Bones of the Body Series, a remarkable collection comprising four enlightening books:

  1. Hand, Arm, and Shoulder: Unveil the secrets of the upper limbs, exploring the framework that supports our actions.
  2. Bones of the Foot, Leg, and Pelvis: Embark on a journey to understand the foundation of our body’s movement and stability.
  3. Rib Cage and Spine: Delve into the core of our structure, unraveling the marvels of the vertebral column and ribcage.
  4. Bones of the Head, Face, and Neck: Discover the foundation of facial expressions and head movements through an exploration of cranial and facial bones.

Each of these books in the Dr. Bonyfide series is a gateway to understanding our skeletal foundation. Enhanced by captivating activities, word searches, puzzles, games, and even x-ray vision glasses. Witness the immersive experience firsthand through a revealing YouTube video showcasing the books.

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The best science books for kids from Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


Systems of the Body – Adventure Series

Venture into the intricacies of the body’s systems with the Adventure Series, offering a remarkable educational journey that encapsulates around 15 hours of exploration per book. Even if you allocate just 30 minutes a day, completing each book takes approximately 6 weeks – a transformative span of time that enriches your knowledge of human anatomy.

This incredible series spans 12 books, each focusing on a distinct system of the body:

  1. The Five Senses
  2. The Skeletal System (learn more with our free skeletal system labeling worksheet)
  3. Circulatory System (learn more with our free circulatory system labeling worksheet)
  4. The Renal System
  5. Digestive System (learn more with our free digestive system labeling worksheet)
  6. Immune System
  7. Muscular System (learn more with our free muscular system labeling worksheet)
  8. The Endocrine System (you will enjoy our free endocrine system labeling worksheet)
  9. The Respiratory System (you will enjoy our free respiratory system labeling worksheet)
  10. The Lymphatic System (learn more with our free lymphatic system labeling worksheet)
  11. The Nervous System (learn more with our free nervous system labeling worksheet)
  12. The Integumentary System
Reading Know Yourself Books

Each of the books includes (watch this Youtube video to see an example):

  • an adventure comic
  • an introduction to the area being covered
  • activities
  • projects
  • historical fun facts
  • Recipes
  • Geography
  • Discussion topics

Don’t miss the chance to embark on an educational journey that combines excitement, exploration, and enlightenment. Explore Know Yourself‘s array of captivating books and dive into the world of self-discovery and learning. If you purchase from any of my links you will automatically get 15% off!

Check out our free printable anatomy worksheets too!

Know Yourself curriculum

Bones of the Foot Book

If you are looking for an anatomy homeschool curriculum look no further. Know Yourself has the best curriculum for your elementary and middle school-aged children.

Not only did my son (who is 12 years old) learn about human anatomy, but so did I. I can’t believe how I have gotten to my age and couldn’t name the four bones in the leg! I could have got to 3, but I had honestly not heard of the Patella!

This was the case pretty much on every page.

Without reading the stories or using the pictures I couldn’t have answered half of the questions!

Another example: What are the four proximal carpals? Not not only did I not know there were 4, but I didn’t even know what a proximal carpal was!

These anatomy books for kids are excellent for every age group (yes even me!) But, they are aimed at elementary and middle school-aged children. Add them to your anatomy lessons today.

You can decide to buy all 16 books in a bundle which of course is the cheapest option. Or you could buy the 2 smaller bundles, or you can buy each book individually. Whatever option you choose we highly recommend Know Yourself.

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Know Yourself review

Dr Bonyfide Books for Kids

We both absolutely love these anatomy books from Know Yourself. My son prefers the Systems of the Body adventure series books. But I think that is because they have an adventure comic in, and he loves comics!

We have decided to start with the four Dr. Bonyfide books first, and when we have done these we will move on to the adventure series.

The books are exceptionally well written and of excellent quality.

These are not just simple boring science books, they have enjoyable and engaging activities on every page.

A thoughtful touch is the certificate of completion at the end of each anatomy book. It’s a nice addition to our homeschool portfolio.

We wholeheartedly recommend Know Yourself books. They offer a unique blend of quality and engagement that makes learning a delight.

Know Yourself Certificate of Completion

Human body activities for kids

When it comes to understanding the best homeschool biology curriculum, there’s a world beyond books waiting to be explored. As incredible as the best human anatomy book might be, incorporating interactive activities into your anatomy unit study is a must-try approach. Here’s a selection of engaging activities that I highly recommend:

Dive into our free printable human body systems worksheets and enjoy an exciting body systems word search.

Engage students in grades 4 to 8 with our human body organs worksheet. It’s a blend of labeling tasks, matching exercises, and research prompts that ensure a well-rounded learning journey.

Unveil the wonders of the human body through an Interactive Educational Human Anatomy talking game. This game, aimed at ages 5 to 12, boasts four different posters featuring organs, bones, the body itself, and muscles—making learning a multisensory adventure.

Embrace learning with excitement by piecing together a Human anatomy floor puzzle. With 100 interlocking pieces, this 4-foot anatomy model provides both fun and education.

The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set offers 24 magnetic pieces that help children visualize and understand the body’s systems and organs.

Introduce toddlers to body parts and fun facts through the Electronic Interactive Body Talking Poster—a captivating way for the youngest learners to engage.

The Magic School Bus – Inside the Human body is an enriching addition with its vivid illustrations and engaging content, making it a favorite among the collection.

For older kids, an anatomy doll with anatomical features provides hands-on insights into the body’s intricacies.

If you are looking for even more homeschool curriculum reviews check out all the others we have reviewed over the years. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite human anatomy book that your kids love.

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