Career Test for Teenagers & Tweens – How To Find Their Dream Job

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Do your kids know what they want to do when they are older? This career test for teenagers and tweens is going to help no end.

The reason we took this career test is so we can shape our homeschool curriculum to fit the path he is likely to follow.

Prior to this career test, I had all sorts of answers, from an investment banker to an NBA player! So how on earth was I going to help him realize his dreams?

We have recently discovered TruSpark. An assessment and curriculum, that helps kids find out what motivates them and then gives options for what career will suit them.

For free career exploration tests and printables check out our latest post.

Career test for teenagers from Truspark

**Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to write this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share resources that I would use with my own family and those that I believe other homeschool families will enjoy. There may be affiliate links in this post.**

TruSpark Curriculum and Career Tests for Teens

Before you do the career test for teenagers you should start with the Truspark curriculum.

There are three levels: core motivations; career exploration and live out your purpose.

Each course digs into understanding your own core motivators and how these should be used to help decide what career to aim for.

The entire curriculum will take about 3-4 hours. But we did those over a couple of weeks as we really wanted to dig into a number of different career options.

My son enjoyed looking through some careers that would suit his core motivators and really got inspired by them.

TruSpark’s curriculum is definitely worth checking out.

Boy completing the Career Test for Teenagers Truspark curriculum

Core Motivators

There are 19 core motivators included in this test:

  • Achiever
  • Arranger
  • Builder
  • Expert
  • Explorer
  • Finisher
  • Fixer
  • Helper
  • Impactor
  • Improver
  • Influencer
  • Learner
  • Maximizer
  • Organizer
  • Overcomer
  • Standout
  • Teacher
  • Team Player
  • Visionary

Just by looking at these core motivators for myself, I could discount a few. Like a teacher, yes I know I’m a homeschool mom, but I am definitely not a natural teacher. But I couldn’t list my top 10 never mind my top 3.

This is where Truspark comes in. By answering some very personal but simple questions it got mine and my son’s spot on.

Boy on computer getting career test results from Truspark

With each of these core motivators, there are ten related occupations. This career test is based on over 60 years of scientific research, which has been used with companies such as IBM and Disney.

TruSpark has adapted this research and aimed it at tweens and teens in order to help them find the best career for themselves.

Core Motivations Quiz

TruSpark has made a story-based quiz to help teenagers find out what their core motivators are. By telling two stories of a time they were proud of, that made them happy.

After my son completed the motivation test I wanted to have a go! As I have had two very different careers that I equally love. I was a Finance Director and am now a full-time blogger and homeschool mom!

There was no way they were going to get me right! But wow! I was honestly blown away.

Below is a picture of what came up after I had completed the quiz. My core motivators are The Achiever, The Organizer, and The Arranger. I don’t think I could have written them better myself.

Truspark core motivators, the achiever, the organizer, the arranger

This is what came up for for my son: The Maximizer, The Achiever, The Expert.

Again I am blown away. He works so hard at homeschool and never stops until he masters something, so I am not surprised at all by these results. I have also been saying for years on this blog that we are a competitive family!

As we both got the Achiever core motivator now I know why!

My son loved reading the characteristics of his core motivators, especially the achiever and the expert.

Everyone who has ever spent any time with him would definitely describe him as having these characteristics!

He was very impressed that with such little information (he thought anyway) that an online test would understand him so well. The only thing he didn’t like was the related occupations it showed.

Although as he looked at my results he understood they are just examples of careers that would suit, not the only career you could have and enjoy.

core motivators: the maximizer, the achiever, and the expert

This insight is just perfect, especially as we homeschool. I can now opt for a curriculum that will not only help him potentially in his later career but I can choose a curriculum that pushes him.

He is currently finishing with Beast Academy which is an advanced homeschool math program, and he loves it, and now I know why! Check out what my son is working on for his 6th grade homeschool curriculum.

Career Test for Teenagers

Now you understand what actually motivates your teen. You can look at the related occupations for each of their three core motivations. I will use mine as an example as I can’t say with any certainty what my son will be yet!

The career examples it gives are just that, they are examples. I have never done any of the careers it suggested, but, I truly LOVE/D both of my careers.

But if you were to look at the key characteristics of all three core motivators. You can easily see how and why I loved being a Finance Director.

I love being a homeschool mom and blogger too, and you definitely need to be good at organizing and arranging to do those!!

Now looking at my son’s core motivators. Again, none of the related occupations jump out as something he would want to do. But if I go back to him wanting to be an investment banker, that absolutely would fit. He used to want to be a doctor, and looking at these I think that might be something we revisit.

Below is an example of one of the careers my son may be interested in when he is older. The personality fits, so I can use this information to help guide him with his electives and his subject choices.

This is taken from TruSpark’s partner O*NET, there are hundreds of jobs you can search through.

Investment Fund Manager Personality and Career Test

We highly recommend this career test for teenagers from TruSpark and think it is extremely accurate.

It is definitely going to help us shape our homeschool curriculum and afterschool activities.

TruSpark Review

We absolutely loved using TruSpark and taking it in the 6th grade for us was the perfect timing (but any time in Middle school grades would be useful.)

So what did I love about TruSpark?

  • It is extremely accurate!
  • It is quick and easy to get the results you need.
  • The detailed career suggestions are fantastic.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It is a great tool for helping shape your homeschool curriculum!
  • The money you spend on TruSpark will definitely save you money in the long run! For example, if after taking the test you discover that one of your children’s core motivators is to be an Expert. You will need a curriculum that focuses on mastery.
Career test for teenagers from Truspark

The pricing is very reasonable too, the curriculum plus the assessment is currently only $59.95, or $79.95 for the curriculum with 2 assessments.

I have to honestly say it has definitely helped us and will definitely help us choose future curriculums.

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