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Are you struggling to cover math in your homeschool? Do you want online math tuition to help? Well CTC Math has you covered. When you subscribe you get access to ALL age groups and subjects.

Despite the fact that I love math, and in fact made a career out of it. I still struggle to teach even primary math! Now of course I can do it, it is just that the kids are taught in a completely different way to how I was taught. So getting tips and advice in this area is really important.

Freddie at 9 years old is studying at 2 grades above his “expected level” in math, so having the ability to have every year group at CTC Math is really important for us. Of course, there are areas that he needs to dip back to at his current level, and some he is more advanced in.

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Choosing a math homeschool curriculum shouldn’t be hard though. Check out our favorites, of course, CTC Math is also included.

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Disclosure: I received access to CTC Math at no cost and was compensated for my time to write a review. I was not required to write a positive review and, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

CTC Math

Check out this video to see exactly how CTC Math works.

When you subscribe you get access to lots of videos explaining how to actually use the platform. This is so important, as although, I found CTCMath easy to navigate, it is really helpful to know how to add tasks and see how the parent reports are shown.

Review of CTCMath listening to music
CTCMath Parent User Guide

When you subscribe you get access to every grade level. This is so helpful, especially when working above your current grade level as Freddie was. We frequently jumped down into the lower grades just to make sure he fully understood the subject.

CTC Math from Kindergarten to High School

This is an example of the grade plus the streams attached to 5th Grade.

CTCMath Detailed Breakdown - Online maths tuition

What I love about CTCMath is that they have videos before every lesson.

I also love that when you successfully complete a lesson you get a little party on your screen! One of the reasons we have opted to home educate actually is so we can praise at every achievement.

This didn’t happen in Freddie’s school previously. I think it is so important as it really builds his confidence. If you are looking for more ways to enjoy middle school math check out our top tips.

Completed maths lesson with CTC Math - Online maths tuition

CTC Math Cost

What is great is that CTC Math offers a free trial. So you can try it before you commit.

Home Schooling Families receive a massive 60% Discount from the regular price.

Purchase any 12 months membership and receive a bonus of 6 months for FREE! (total 18 months). You can either subscribe to a single membership or a family membership for the whole family.

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