Mr D Math Review – How It Makes Pre Algebra Easy

The Easy way to learn pre algebra while you home educate with Mr D Math
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We absolutely love maths as a family. Yes, I know that is strange, but with Stuart being an engineer, myself an ex Finance Director it is no surprise that Freddie also has a real natural love of maths. However, we both struggle a bit with algebra questions! Mr D Math is the answer!

Disclosure: I received Mr. D. Math Pre-Algebra for free, and I was compensated for the time I invested in this review. All opinions are mine and truthful.

However, despite my love of maths, it was a very long time ago that I studied it. Since we have been homeschooling it has become clear to me, that even a subject such as maths has changed so much. Freddie is only 9 years old, and I am still learning the new methods of calculating simple tasks such as long division! It is very different from when I was at school!

We have recently come across an American math online learning program that I wanted to share. Mr. D Math is aimed at slightly older children than Freddie, but I was keen to review it. We have been reviewing pre algebra questions which are aimed at children aged between 11 and 13 years old. Although Freddie is only 9 he certainly had a very good go and didn’t find it that challenging.

Pre Algebra Questions

Within each subject below there are lots of lessons and after each lesson, there is an online quiz. There are videos and worksheets for each subject that are really simple to follow. What I especially love is that the lessons take you right back to basics.

What is addition, what is subtraction etc

This seemed too easy even for Freddie, however, taking kids back to basics to understand simple maths concepts is a great way to take the fear out of maths.

This is an answer sheet for one of the multiplication lessons. As you can see it doesn’t just show the answers, it shows the working out too.

mr d math pre algebra questions
  1. The Tools and Language of Algebra
  2. Operations with Integers and the Real Number System
  3. Solving Equations
  4. Number Theory – Factors and Fractions
  5. Number Theory – Place Value and Decimals
  6. Ratio, Proportion, and Percent

Semester I exam

  1. Inequalities
  2. Graphing Linear Equations
  3. Introduction to Functions and Relations
  4. Radical Expressions, Roots and Exponential Models
  5. Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions
  6. Statistics and Probability

Semester II exam

What we loved about Mr D Math is there are video tutorials plus printable worksheets.

Benefits of Mr D Math with Pre Algebra

It is all available online

It can be done at the child’s pace, you can pause your lessons and come back at a later time.

You can print off the lessons as and when you are ready. So no printing off endless reams of paper.

Mr D Math pre algebra questions worksheet

Every lesson has an online quiz that is automatically graded.

There are videos to help

If Freddie is stuck on an answer that I can’t help with, he can send a message to Mr. D Math. He can also attend live study sessions twice a week, which we are both really looking forward to.

What else does Mr D Offer?

Pre algebra is the subject we have taken due to Freddie’s age, however, they do offer more in-depth lessons in the following:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
  • Summer Programs

If your kids are studying over the age of 11 I think Mr D Math is such a great tool, especially for the harder mathematics subjects.

I have created a list of over 80 online educational resources to help with your homeschool journey, check it out here.

Why we love Mr D Math in our homeschool #algebra #math

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