23 Best Homeschool Foreign Language Curriculum Resources

Learning a foreign language is hard. Finding the best homeschool foreign language curriculum is really important if you only speak one language.

Learning a foreign language is incredibly important, and as a minimum, you need to study a language for at least 2 years to get into college. Up to 4 years if you are planning to get into a competitive school.

I thought I would find the best homeschooling resources for learning a second language to start using today.

We studied ASL in grade 6 and have now switched to learning Japanese, which we will continue for the next 4 years.

I wanted to let my son decide what language he was most interested in (despite living in Florida, and most people speaking Spanish, he could not be swayed!) After all, he will be the one having to study it for the next 4 years.

We started Japanese in grade 7 rather than waiting for high school, just in case we need to change it!

I have added our favorite resources for Spanish, Japanese, sign language, French, German, Latin, and general foreign language studies.

homeschool foreign language curriculum

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Best foreign language homeschool curriculum

  • La Clase Divertida. Offers a Spanish curriculum for elementary and middle school students. Plus live, online classes for high school kids.
  • Learn a language with Outschool. With free lessons coming all the time, there is so much to choose from. (Check out our Outschool review here.) Currently, you can have live online lessons for the following homeschooling languages:
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • German
    • Japanese

Discover the best secular homeschool curriculum for all subjects.

  • With SchoolhouseTeachers you can learn, American Sign Language, Latin, Spanish, French, and Latvian. I love SchoolhouseTeachers because you get FULL access to every subject and every grade once you subscribe. So you don’t just need to pick one subject, you can have them all!
  • Lingopie is a new one for us, but we love it! You watch cartoons/shows in a foreign language! Each show comes with subtitles in the original language (ex. Spanish TV Show + Spanish Subtitles). Every word, phrase, or slang is clickable to give you an instant translation in real-time to help you learn. There is a 7-day free trial so check it out, but it is only $5.99 a month after so it is very reasonably priced. Check out our Lingopie review here.
Lingopie Kids Shows
  • Visual Latin lessons pair three videos with worksheets and online flashcards. To guide students from grammar concepts, to practice sentences, to reading in Latin. Kids everywhere love it! They offer free samples and a 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.
  • Duo Lingo is the best FREE foreign language app. You can pretty much learn any language you could think of, in fact, I have just checked and they have 19 distinct languages you can learn!

Check out our favorite free homeschool curriculum too!

Best Spanish curriculum for homeschoolers

If your kids thrive on workbooks these are the best homeschool Spanish curriculum resources for kids of all ages:

Do you speak Spanish?

If your kids learn better with books, then these are the best I have found for homeschooling Spanish:

Best homeschool French curriculum

These workbooks are aimed at kids aged 5-14, but remember these are only for supplementing a spoken class.

Best German homeschool curriculum

Outschool has numerous German-speaking lessons for beginners to intermediate.

Learn to speak German with these awesome homeschool German curriculums.

Best homeschool sign language curriculum

Some colleges will accept American Sign Language (ASL) as a foreign language requirement, but be sure to check specific college policies if this is your primary goal. Beyond fulfilling academic requirements, learning ASL opens up a new world of communication and cultural understanding.

The best ASL homeschool curriculum is from Mr. D Math, which we highly recommend. You can read more about it in our detailed Mr D ASL review.

With the right resources, you can master how to learn sign language effectively and enjoyably.

3 boys signing please, thanks you, and sorry.

Some colleges will accept this as a foreign language requirement, but please check if that is the only reason you will be doing it. Our favorite is from Mr. D Math, see our Mr D ASL review.

Check out the best ASL homeschool curriculum.

What are the benefits of learning a foreign language?

Of course, there are so many benefits, but I will just list our top 5.

  • Most four-year colleges and universities want to see a minimum of two years of foreign language on the high school transcript. Although some want 4 years.
  • Students who can speak a foreign language are proven to get better school grades in all subjects.
  • Ability to get better jobs, we live in South Florida, so if Freddie was looking for work now he would definitely benefit if he could speak Spanish.
  • It actually improves your language skills as a whole.
  • It makes traveling the world a lot easier! I have traveled a lot, and it definitely would have been better if I could speak the language.

What is the most spoken language in the world?

languages of the world

I couldn’t write a blog post about foreign languages without understanding what the most popular languages were.

According to Babble the below are the top 10 most spoken languages in the World! I could have maybe guessed the top 6, but not in that order. I really expected to see at least French on the list!

  • Chinese – 1.3 Billion native speakers
  • Spanish – 471 Million native speakers
  • English – 370 Million
  • Hindi – 342 Million
  • Arabic – 315 Million
  • Portuguese – 232 Million
  • Bengali – 229 Million
  • Russian – 154 Million
  • Japanese – 126 Million
  • Lahnda – 118 Million

Above I have only detailed foreign languages for homeschoolers in Spanish, French, Japanese, and German as these are the most popular. But, you could start with Duo Lingo if you want to learn one of the above languages.

What do you use for teaching foreign languages to homeschoolers? Please let me know in the comments.

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