25 Ways to Learn Sign Language Free – ASL for Homeschool

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Learn Sign Language for Free – yes it is totally possible, and we have included the best FREE resources we have found. Along with the best homeschool sign language curriculum.

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Free sign language poster

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Learn Sign Language FREE

It is so important to learn sign language, in fact in America, it is the third most used language, second only to English and Spanish.

ASL is recognized as a foreign language, so it will fulfill students’ foreign language requirements for high school and college. Make sure you double-check the University requirements though, as I have heard of some universities not accepting it.

Check out our foreign language for homeschoolers post to see other options.

sign language curriculum

ASL Workbooks

These are not free, but these ASL workbooks are excellent.

sign language

Homeschool Sign Language Curriculum

Freddie is currently taking the Mr D Math ASL 1 class and it is absolutely fantastic. Check out Mr. D Math ASL 1 review we have just completed it, and he loved it so much we will be doing ASL 2 in the summer.

There are three ASL courses and we will take them all. I will write a detailed review on this soon and add the link, but we highly recommend it.

If you feel that your child has come as far as they can, why not enroll them in an online class via Outschool. It will certainly help with conversational signing.

What is the Difference Between ASL & BSL

Well, they are completely different languages. Check out this youtube video to see the differences side by side.

I wanted to add this as we are from the UK originally, but we are going to be learning ASL. If you are looking to learn BSL I recommend Commanding Hands youtube account.

The main difference being ASL has a one-handed manual alphabet and a two-handed manual alphabet in BSL. Although there are similarities in vocabulary and signs, they can not be understood by each other’s users.

Sign Language Poster Printable

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and then click on the shrink to fit button. With all of our printables, they work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

If this isn’t quite what you are looking for, this one from Etsy is awesome.

Can you sign? If so what do you online classes do you recommend? Please let me know in the comments I would love to hear.

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