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Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys – The Only Guide You Will Need Kid Approved!

Christmas Gifts for 10 year old boys
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Gifts for 10 year old boys are so hard to find.

They are not quite teenagers, but they are not little children anymore.

They want to be grown-up, and yet, they are still only 10 years old.

Finding gifts for boys of this age is no easy task, however, as ever I have spent hours researching the BEST GIFTS for 10 YEAR OLD BOYS in 2021, and had them all kid approved!

There is a gift here for all budgets and they are split into gaming, electronics, toys and sporting presents. I have also included our top 10 gifts for 10 year old boys in 2021. Some of these are so new they are pre-order only. However, they are all guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.

Disclosure – There are affiliate links included in this post.

As we homeschool I have made sure there are some educational gifts in here too. But if you are looking for a new educational board games check out my previous post.

If you are looking for gifts for 9 year old boys check out this post, or 12 year old boys gifts here.

The best gifts for 10 year old boys in 2021, all kid approved so you are certain to get the best gift! #christmasgifts

Top 10 Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

I have summarised the entire gift list below into our top 10 favorite gifts for 10 year old boys:

Gaming Presents for 10 year old Boys

I would love to be able to produce a kid’s gift guide with no mention of gaming presents. However, that wouldn’t be fair, as every 10-year old I know would be devastated without at least one gaming gift from Santa.

Gaming Presents for 10 year olds

A lot of these games are on preorder as they are super new, however, I can assure you if you are buying for a 10 year old they will have at least one (if not all) of these on their wish list.

FIFA 2022 Game

Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch Game

Overwatch Legendary Edition

Super Mario Maker 2


Xbox Live credit for Fortnite – 2.500 V-Bucks + 300 extra V-Bucks

Gaming Headset

Gaming Chair

Switch Wireless Controller

Toys for 10 year old boys

This is a hard one now they are turning 10. But below is a mix of fun board games, Lego (NO Christmas gift list is complete without those little bricks!), an educational science kit. Nerf guns are still a hit, but like most 10 year olds already have far too many Nerf guns a Nerf bullet jacket and spare bullets is a winner.

LEGO 75957 Harry Potter Knight Bus Toy

SUSSED Lifeology: The Hilarious Who Knows Who Best Card Game

LEGO 60228 City Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control Mars Expedition Set

Frenetic Board Game – check out our detailed review

Big Potato Colour Brain Game

Nerf Gun Accessories

Exploding Kittens Card Game

National Geographic Exploding Science Kit

Electronic Gift Ideas for 10 year old boys

Similar to the gaming gifts above, in 2021 this is almost a necessity. When Freddie was 9 he got the Amazon echo, and the fun we have had with the Alexa skills is certainly worth it, so we highly recommend that.

He already has a Nintendo Switch, and of course will not be getting a Switch Lite, however, if your 10-year-old does not already have one, we can’t recommend them enough.

One of my favourites in this list is actually the cheapest. The PS4 digital alarm clock is awesome.

Electronic Gift Ideas for 10 year old boy

Nintendo Switch Lite

Instant Polaroid Camera

Yamaha Electronic Keyboard

Amazon Echo Dot

Apple Ipod Touch

Fitbit Ace 3

Playstation Digital Alarm Clock

Sports Gifts for Boys

After all of the gaming and electronic gifts, there has to be something to get the kids moving! The skipping rope that counts the kids jumps and the bike speedometer are really great cheaper gifts.

Sporting Gifts for Boys



Electronic Skipping Rope

Basketball Hoop

Caster Board

Bicycle Odometer Speedometer 

BMX Bike

Dribble Up – Smart Basketball

As Freddie is turning 10 years old 2 days after Christmas, if there are any other gift ideas you have, please let me know in the comments below.

Over 30 Christmas gifts for 10 year old boys

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