18 Best Online Piano Lessons For Kids (Free & Paid Options)

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Is your child exploring the world of piano? If so, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best online piano lessons for kids to enhance your child’s musical journey beyond their in-person sessions.

These will not only amplify your child’s musical aptitude but also make their learning journey incredibly enjoyable and enriching. Explore the diverse options below to find the perfect fit for your budding pianist.

Add these online lessons to the best homeschool music curriculum for some hands on learning.

best online piano lessons for kids

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Piano lessons for kids online

Discover a world of exceptional online piano classes curated specifically for kids.

From interactive live sessions that offer personal attention to comprehensive self-paced courses.

These options ensure that your child’s musical journey is engaging, educational, and tailored to their unique learning style.


We have been using Outschool at least once a week, for a variety of both social and educational reasons. These are the online lessons for learning the piano they have currently: (but keep checking, they add more every day)

  • Private Music Lessons – For piano, guitar, and ukulele, this is a 25 minute class.
  • Beginners piano class for ages 6-11 a 20-minute weekly class.
  • Piano Lessons – Private tuition for ages 10-14 a 25 minute class

In addition to the above, there are at least another 30 classes that teach piano online in a private or group class. Check out our Outschool review here to see what other live online classes we take in our homeschool.

Choose your live online piano lesson with Outschool today.

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman does offer some free lessons and has been included below, but they also have a premium plan. With premium, you can download sheet music and printables for free. There are also interactive games to play while having the piano lesson. Currently, this costs $179 per annum.

HighKey Kids

The Great Bend Center for Music offers the most affordable live online music lessons we have seen. In fact, they only charge for their live online lessons for grades 4-12, if you have younger children they are free!

Keep on track with the kid’s lessons with these free printable piano practice tracking sheets.

Strum Club

Live online classes with one free class. After this, the piano classes are $119 per month for a weekly half-hour lesson or $199 per month for a weekly hour-long lesson. There are no registration fees and students can cancel at any time with no penalty.

Making Music Fun

You can start with these piano lessons for kids for free, but, to get unlimited access you need to subscribe. It is aimed at children in grades K-6. It costs $15 per month for the whole family which is $180 per year. Check out Making music fun here.

Merriam Music

Best online music lessons for kids in piano, guitar, voice, and drums. They offer a no-obligation, risk-free trial lesson. If, after the first lesson, you choose to cancel, the FIRST LESSON IS FREE.

young girl playing a keyboard in front of an Ipad

Playground Sessions

Learn piano with Harry Connick Jr, the best piano learning app, co-created by music legend Quincy Jones. The annual price is $119.88 check it out Playground sessions here.


Pianu is the first interactive piano course online, to let you learn your favorite songs. You can start learning on any device connected to the internet, with or without a musical keyboard.

Pianu is also the first online piano course designed to reward your progress as you learn! They offer a free course also, but the Pianu subscription is $100 per year.

Piano for All

Piano for all is one of the most popular online piano courses online. It has helped over 300,000 students around the world achieve their dream of playing beautiful piano for over a decade. This course is a lifetime price of only $39.

The best online piano lessons for kids. Boy playing piano


Musiah is a new kind of online piano lesson in which you learn to play piano with our unique A.I. piano teacher. Responding to your playing just like a live teacher, Musiah speaks to you, points to the sheet music, and guides you step by step. So your learning is fast, effective, and fun.

There is a 14 day free trial after this it is $199.99 per year.

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Free online piano classes for kids

Delve into a treasure trove of free online piano lessons designed to ignite your child’s passion for music.

These carefully curated resources provide a fantastic starting point for beginners and offer valuable insights for young learners interested in mastering the piano.

Hoffman Academy

Offer online piano lessons for free. They are all pre-recorded lessons, but they are very good. You can subscribe to their premium account to be able to play games and download sheet music. Check out Hoffman Academy here.

Piano Marvel

A Piano Marvel account is free! You get over 25,000 songs and exercises, sight-reading tests, reports, progress tracking, and more with a free account.

White piano with white laptop on top.

Flowkey Piano Lessons

Learning with Flowkey is easy and fun. Practice notes and chords interactively and receive instant feedback. All you need is the app and your piano or keyboard. Try it now for free, with no obligations. Get set up in just two minutes and start playing your first songs straight away.

Piano Nanny

Offering free piano lessons online for all levels from beginner to advanced. It shows you what keys to play.

I think this is more educational than the other free piano lessons, and certainly, for younger children, parents will need to help. But, Piano Nanny is my favorite free piano lesson for kids.

But if you are looking for piano games or fun this is not the right lesson for you.

Piano Lessons 4 Children

These lessons are designed for beginner and elementary levels. They use music from mostly well-known children’s songs.

If you are a parent, you can use these lessons to both teach your child and to learn along with your child, without any prior knowledge of piano. Check out Piano Lessons 4 children here.

Zebra Keys

The site provides over 50 free piano lessons for various levels of difficulty. Each piano lesson is accompanied by visual flash animations. This allows learners to view and hear songs as well as play along with the animations on their own piano keyboard.

Learning piano with Zebra Keys is fun and easy!

Best piano app for kids

Embark on a digital musical journey with the best piano apps tailored for kids.

Whether you’re looking for interactive learning, progress tracking, or engaging lessons guided by music legends. These apps open up a world of possibilities to cultivate your child’s musical talent.

Simply Piano by Joy Tunes

Download on your phone or tablet, this is a great course, and my son had it for a year before getting actual lessons. The piano teacher was amazed at how good he was despite only using this app. Offers a free 7-day trial and then it is $119.99 per year. It gets 4.7 /5 reviews on Apple.

Yousician For Kids

This is another one we have used and you can have a free trial for 7 days. After the trial has finished it is $139.99 per year. I strongly advise you to take both Yousician and Simply Piano and see which you prefer. It gets 4.6/5 reviews on Apple.

If you have a child that is interested in guitar check out these online guitar lessons for kids in the UK. Or if you are in America check out these guitar lessons for kids from Moosiko.

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