How To Have A Halloween Escape Room At Home

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I absolutely love escape rooms, we have been to at least 15 different rooms, but we also like to have them at home. I am going to share with you the absolute best Halloween escape room you can have at home with the kids.

We love to have fun holiday activities with kids and these escape rooms are just perfect for families old and young.

We love everything about escape rooms, from the competition to the problem solving, it is just perfect for us as a family.

Carry on reading and download our free escape room invitations, and have the best Halloween party.

We only started going to escape rooms when Freddie was 11 years old, but we have been doing them at home since he was about 7.

If you want to have a free Halloween escape room, check out our escape room puzzle ideas for how to find free personalized puzzles. But if you are out of time, and want to have the best Halloween activities then these are the best we have found.

halloween escape room ideas

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Halloween Escape Room Ideas

Mystery Manor Escape this spooky escape room is for older children and adults. You don’t need any locks and everything is included in the download. So if you are anything like me, it is fine that you have left it until the last minute!. All you actually need for this Halloween escape room is a pencil, scissors, tape, and envelopes to hold clues (or you can fold the clues closed).

Haunted House Escape is aimed at kids aged 5-9. All you actually need for this Halloween escape room are pencils, coloring supplies, scissors, tape, and envelopes to hold clues (or just tape clues closed.)

Escape the Mansion of Secrets is another printable escape room and this one is aimed at kids aged 8+. All you need for this Halloween escape room are pencils, scissors, tape, and envelopes to hold clues (or just tape clues closed.) The setup time is about 15 minutes.

Escape the Haunted Catacombs is an escape room aimed at adults (and teenagers). A phone connected to the internet is also required to check the final answer. You don’t need any locks, envelopes or special equipment. The person that sets-up the game can also join the fun!

The Mystic Mansion is aimed at everyone 12+ and is another instant download. No need to plan for weeks in advance! Just my type of party! Again you need nothing that you don’t already have in the house to have this escape room.

If you have not left this until the day of the Halloween escape room. I also recommend Escape Room the game. This comes with locks and timers and is a fantastic addition to any party.

After you have had your Halloween escape room, why not check out some other Halloween games that the kids will just love to play.

Other Escape Room Ideas

Free Halloween printable games

halloween escape room

Download the free Halloween Escape Room Party Invitations

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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