Best Homeschool History Curriculum (for Secular Homeschoolers)

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Navigating history as secular homeschoolers can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! We’ve scoured resources, from curriculum options to free online resources for the best homeschool history curriculum.

Whether you’re seeking comprehensive curriculum choices, engaging online tools, or captivating documentaries, our guide is your companion in creating a well-rounded history education.

From the best homeschooling resources to secular history curriculum and documentaries, there is something for every homeschool style.

homeschool history curriculum

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Best secular homeschool history curriculum

Pandia Press stands out as a top choice for history as the best secular homeschool curriculum due to its comprehensive and engaging approach to learning. With a variety of offerings tailored to different grade levels, including History Quest and History Odyssey.

Pandia Press provides a well-rounded education that not only imparts historical knowledge but also fosters critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deep appreciation for the past. They also offer a free try before you buy option!

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History Quest

For elementary grade students, History Quest serves as a captivating introduction to history. This curriculum is carefully designed to spark curiosity and captivate young minds. By dividing the content into Middle Times, Early Times, and US History, students get the chance to explore a diverse range of eras and cultures.

With interactive activities, engaging readings, and thought-provoking projects, History Quest transforms history from a mere subject into an exciting adventure.

history odyssey maps

History Odyssey

Moving on to middle school and high school grades, History Odyssey takes students on a deeper exploration of history. Covering Ancient History, Early Modern, Middle Ages, and Modern Times, this curriculum delves into the intricacies of different epochs, civilizations, and global events.

What sets History Odyssey apart is its emphasis on independent learning and research. Students are encouraged to develop critical research skills, analyze primary sources, and construct their own understanding of historical narratives.

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Secular history curriculum

These homeschool secular history curriculums are for kids of all ages, and they are all fantastic.

The problem is, that most history homeschool curriculums are religious. So if you are a secular homeschooler and want a full history curriculum you will have to choose from these options.

  1. History Quest is an engaging curriculum tailored for elementary students. It divides history into Middle Times, Early Times, and US History, captivating young learners with interactive activities and projects, making history a thrilling adventure from the start.
  2. History Odyssey. Geared towards middle and high school students, History Odyssey provides in-depth studies of Ancient History, Early Modern, Middle Ages, and Modern Times. Its unique focus on independent research fosters critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling students to construct their own understanding of historical events.
  3. Beautiful Feet offers a distinctive approach by integrating history with literature for grades K-12. Using literary works to explore historical themes deepens students’ understanding and analytical abilities, creating a holistic learning experience that spans multiple disciplines. (Check out our Beautiful Feet Books review on American history.)
  4. Curiosity Chronicles adopts a narrative format that engages students with storytelling and interactive activities. This curriculum nurtures curiosity, encouraging students to ask questions and explore history in an immersive and captivating way.
  5. Moving Beyond the Page takes an interdisciplinary approach, integrating history with other subjects. By examining history through the lenses of various disciplines, it encourages students to make connections, fostering a holistic understanding of historical events within broader contexts.
  6. Blossom & Root: A River of Voices presents an inclusive United States history curriculum. It goes beyond conventional narratives, delving into marginalized voices and often overlooked events, encouraging students to critically analyze and question the past while fostering a broader perspective.

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Free social studies homeschool curriculum

If I am ever looking for even more history resources, I will check out these amazing free homeschool curriculum resources.

  1. Khan Academy offers a vast array of educational content, including history resources that cover a diverse range of topics. Through interactive lessons and videos, students can delve into various historical periods and events.
  2. The Smithsonian History Explorers program provides access to engaging online resources, virtual tours, and interactive exhibits, allowing students to explore history through the lens of one of the world’s most renowned institutions.
  3. The OER Project offers free history curricula, resources, and materials that are accessible to educators and students alike. This platform covers a wide range of historical topics and encourages critical thinking.
  4. American History Games. Interactive games that focus on American history can engage students in a fun and educational way. These games provide a hands-on approach to learning about various historical events and figures.
  5. Teaching the Peoples History offers a collection of free educational materials that emphasize marginalized voices and underrepresented narratives in history, fostering a more inclusive understanding of the past.
  6. Remembrance Day Activities. With an assortment of free resources, this collection aids in teaching about World War I and its significance, allowing students to understand the historical context of Remembrance Day.
  7. Bonfire Night Activities: Dive into the historical events surrounding Guy Fawkes and the infamous Gunpowder Plot with free activities that shed light on this significant moment in history.
  8. Martin Luther King Activities for Kids: Explore resources that celebrate the life and impact of Martin Luther King Jr., providing a comprehensive view of his legacy and the civil rights movement.
  9. Engage students in the world of Greek mythology with free Greek Gods worksheets that delve into the stories, attributes, and significance of various Greek gods.
The best secular history curriculum for homeschool

History unit studies

Step into history with these special unit studies, made just for 4th to 8th graders. Learn about important people like Fidel Castro, Genghis Khan, and Hitler, as well as kings and queens such as King Louis XIV and King Philip II of Spain. Dive into their stories and discover how they shaped the past.

Best homeschool history books

These are the best history books for kids we have used, or currently use for homeschooling.

We love books, but we’re not big fans of the Kindle, I wish we were it would save us a fortune.

All of these books could be borrowed from the library, so you don’t need to splurge if you don’t want to!

History books on a bookshelf

We tend to use two key books to assist us with the timeline, and then we supplement with other books, workbooks, online resources, and YouTube.

I’m showing my age a little with the Looking At History book! I used this when I was at school over 30 years ago. So apart from that book, you can find all the others on Amazon.

The two books we use daily are The Big Fat Notebook For History and the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. But as you can see above we have lots of history books!

Best history workbooks

Explore history in a fun way with these workbooks:

History documentaries

Discover a world of learning through YouTube history documentaries!

  • Crash Course is hands down our favorite YouTube channel for homeschooling. They have playlists on World History, US History, European History, and everything in between. In fact, we watch a lot of Crash Courses for science too!
  • Horrible Histories this show is hilarious, and we have been watching it for many years. In fact, we have seen these shows at the theatre too.
  • History Channel, of course, this goes without saying.

If I can’t find the lesson I need on those three channels I just search on YouTube for the particular resource I need. But, in two years, I haven’t needed anything else! But check out all our favorite kid’s educational videos on YouTube if you need more ideas.

Curiosity Stream is another awesome alternative for history documentaries.

Online history curriculum homeschool

Embark on an enriching online history curriculum for homeschooling! With the flexibility of online platforms, you can tailor your history education to your family’s needs and create a dynamic learning experience from the comfort of your home.

We absolutely love Outschool in our homeschool, as he gets to talk and communicate both with the teacher and his peers. (Check out our Outschool review.)

Outschool has lots of classes on history, so I highly recommend you have a look. Take your first Outschool class today, you won’t regret it.

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