35+ Best Kids Educational Videos For K-12 (Every Subject)

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I am not a big fan of “screen time” for kids, however, there are certain kid’s educational videos on Youtube I don’t mind my son watching.

I have compiled a list of all of the kid’s educational videos we have come across either previously before Freddie was school-aged or the ones we use now he is 11 years old. We use some of these educational videos on Youtube during our homeschool day, Freddie’s favorite at the minute is Art Hub for Kids. He has never been a fan of anything remotely arty so this is great.

With the right supervision, the kids can learn so much from educational videos on YouTube. If you set up Youtube Kids which has lots of parental controls on it, your children will be much safer online.

kids educational videos

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Kids Educational Videos

I have broken this list into easy to manage sections, however, I had to include my 10 favorite educational videos first. Some of these are for younger children and some for high school, but I have detailed them in age and subject order below if you prefer.

generation genius math video

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Educational Videos for Kids

This section is for channels that don’t focus on any specific subject, yet are the best kids’ youtube channels for homeschoolers! They cover everything and anything.

ted ed educational kids shows

Educational Science Videos

If you are looking for a homeschool science curriculum check out our updated post.

crash course

Homeschool History Videos

If you are looking for a homeschool history curriculum check out our recent post.

horrible histories

Best Geography Youtube Channels

If you are looking for a full geography curriculum check out our recent post.

nat geo kids

Not channels but I couldn’t have the best kids youtube channels without adding these brilliant educational cartoons

Best Youtube Channels for Drawing

If you are looking for more inspiration check out our post on the best art homeschool curriculum.

art for kids hub

Educational Videos for Kindergarten

If you are looking for a great kindergarten homeschool curriculum we highly recommend Schoolio, check out our Schoolio review.

Over 35 of the best educational videos for kids to help with every subject in homeschool

Let me know what your favorite educational videos for kids are in the comments, and I will add them to this list.

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  1. Great to have this list as a resource. I also think that just to google something we wouldn’t normally (like how to…whatever) is valuable too helping those kids who struggle with print or academics to learn in more visual ways.

    1. I have found with subjects such as art and history in particular for my son a visual aid is just brilliant. 🙂

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