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Learning about space is so fun at any age. I have put together these free planet coloring pages for you to enjoy.

Within these free kids coloring pages, you will find delightful illustrations of all eight planets, accompanied by brief and informative descriptions of each planet’s characteristics and unique features.

As we will be studying astronomy in our homeschool next year, I have also shared the best astronomy curriculum we have found too. Including even more free resources (from NASA).

planet coloring pages

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My son received a telescope for Christmas, which gave us the push needed to start studying the planets.

Solar system coloring pages

I was convinced there were more planets, so I looked into it and Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006.

These are the following planets in our solar system and are included in the planet coloring pack.

planets coloring pages

Mars coloring page

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It is the second smallest planet in the Solar System and is half the size of Earth. It has two moons and is red in color due to its iron minerals.

Neptune coloring page

Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun and is called an “ice giant”. It does not have a solid surface because it is made up of gases. Neptune has 14 moons and is blue in color.

planet coloring pages

Earth coloring page

Earth is the third planet from the sun. It is the largest of the planets in the Solar System and has one moon. “Earth” means “the ground”.

Earth has water, sun, and food meaning that life is sustainable.

Download our free phases of the moon worksheets and learn about the 8 different stages.

Jupiter coloring page

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is called a ‘gas giant’. It has 79 moons and is the largest planet in the Solar System. It is as big as 317 Earths!

Younger kids will also enjoy creating their own sun handprint with our free template.

solar system coloring pages

Saturn coloring page

Saturn is the second-largest planet in the Solar System and the sixth furthest from the sun. It is called a ‘gas giant’ and is made up of the same gases as the sun and Jupiter.

Saturn has 62 moons. White spots on the planet are actually storms.

Uranus coloring page

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. It is a gas giant within the Solar System and is made up of a lot of ice. Uranus is the coldest of the planets.

It has 27 moons and can be seen from Earth.

uranus coloring page

Mercury coloring page

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun and does not have any moons. It has craters on the surface, similar to Earth’s moon. It can be both extremely hot and cold on Mercury.

Mercury is the smallest planet.

Venus coloring page

Venus is the second planet from the sun and does not have any moons. It is too hot on Venus to explore and has the most volcanoes in the whole Solar System.

Venus is Earth’s closest neighbor.

venus coloring page

Additional planet printables

Have even more outer space fun with these:

  1. The phases of the moon word search challenges learners to find and identify the various phases of the moon, reinforcing their knowledge of lunar cycles while improving their vocabulary.
  2. In this engaging planet word search, children can explore and locate the names of planets in our solar system, promoting planetary literacy and expanding their celestial vocabulary.
  3. Have fun while learning about the planet, with our free planet matching game printable. See who can match the planets first.
  4. Planets flip book printable from Living Life and Learning
  5. Coffee filter planets from Fun A Day

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Download the free planet coloring worksheets

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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