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Learn all about Ukraine with our free Ukraine coloring pages.

These free printable geography worksheets are a perfect way to at least educate your children about the beautiful country. These can be used for children of all ages.

Each coloring page has a new word that is associated with Ukraine and information about it, as well as a picture of it to color.

ukraine coloring worksheets

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Ukrainian coloring pages

Ukraine, a captivating country nestled in Eastern Europe, beckons you to delve into its rich history, cultural treasures, and breathtaking landscapes through our engaging coloring pages.

Color in the Ukraine map

Unveil the geographical marvels of Ukraine as you color in its map.

Stretching across Eastern Europe, Ukraine boasts the distinction of being the second-largest country in Europe, second only to Russia.

Borders shared with Russia to the East and North East enrich its diverse tapestry.

Ukraine Coloring Pages Bandura


Immerse yourself in the melodious heritage of Ukraine with the Bandura coloring page.

The Bandura, a plucked string folk instrument, resonates with centuries of Ukrainian music and culture. A cultural treasure, it stands as the national musical emblem of Ukraine, carrying the soulful echoes of its history.


Embark on a culinary journey with the Borscht coloring page. Borscht, a beloved Ukrainian dish, is a sour soup celebrated for its vibrant flavors and hues.

As you color, ponder the symphony of ingredients that harmoniously blend to give the soup its signature crimson hue, with red beetroot reigning as the regal conductor of taste and color.

Ukraine Coloring Pages Borscht and chernobyl


On the Chernobyl coloring page, contemplate a pivotal moment in history.

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant witnessed a catastrophic nuclear accident, leaving an indelible mark on Ukraine and the world.

As you color, reflect on the importance of learning from the past and safeguarding the future.


Delve into Ukraine’s natural treasures with the cherries coloring page. Ukraine’s fertile land gifts the country with both sweet and sour cherries.

Ukraine Coloring Pages Cherries and ciconia


Meanwhile, the elegant white stork, Ciconia, soars as Ukraine’s official National Bird, embodying the grace and freedom of the nation.


Unearth Ukraine’s architectural and historical gems through the Khata coloring page. Khata, the traditional Ukrainian house, whispers tales of generations gone by.

Khata and motherland monument coloring pages

Motherland Monument

The grandeur of the Motherland Monument, standing tall in Kyiv, reflects Ukraine’s resilience through its turbulent history.

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Saint Sophia Cathedral

Immerse yourself in the iconic imagery of Ukraine with the Saint Sophia Cathedral. Saint Sophia Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece in Kyiv, stands as a testament to Ukraine’s spiritual heritage.

viburnum, saint sophia cathedral and sunflower coloring pages

Viburnum Opulus

Experience the intricate threads of Ukrainian folk culture through the Viburnum Opulus coloring page.

This plant is interwoven with tradition, playing a pivotal role in the Ukrainian traditional wreath. With each stroke of color, honor the cultural threads that bind generations together.


The sunflower, a symbol of peace, graces fields and hearts alike, representing hope and unity.

sunflower coloring page

Fun facts about Ukraine for kids

Here are five fun facts about Ukraine that kids might enjoy:

  1. Ukraine is often referred to as the “breadbasket of Europe” because it produces a lot of wheat and other grains. But did you know that Ukraine is also known for its vast fields of sunflowers?
  2. Ukrainians have a special tradition of decorating Easter eggs called “pysanky.” These eggs are not just any eggs – they are beautifully designed with intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Each pattern and color has a special meaning, and creating pysanky is a creative and cherished activity during Easter.
  3. There’s a magical place in Ukraine called the “Tunnel of Love.” It’s a train track that passes through a tunnel of trees, and the trees have grown in such a way that they create a natural tunnel.
  4. Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, has a metro system with one station that holds a unique record. The Arsenalna metro station is not only deep underground, but it’s also recognized as the world’s deepest metro station, descending about 105 meters (344 feet) below the surface.
  5. Ukraine is home to one of the largest airplanes ever built, the Antonov An-225 Mriya. This massive aircraft was designed to carry heavy cargo and is known for its impressive size. It’s like a flying giant!

Remember, learning about different countries can be a lot of fun, and these facts offer just a glimpse into the exciting world of Ukraine!

Continue learning with our free continent of Europe worksheets.

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Download the free Ukraine worksheets

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