16 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys (2023)

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Whether your boy loves all things Valentine’s Day or like mine can’t wait for it to be over, here are our top Valentine’s Day gifts for boys (as hate it or not they still expect a present!!).

As it has just been Christmas all of the gifts included in this list are under $20, and for us is just a cute token of our love. I have also included some gifts that will be perfect to take to school for the boys in the class or homeschool co-op in our case.

This Valentines Day we will put the core curriculum away and spend the day learning all about Valentine’s Day and doing lots of heart-themed activities (whether he wants to or not, haha!). If you also homeschool (or teach) check out our favorite Valentine’s Day activities.

Gift giving for Valentine’s Day needs to be more of a challenge!! So this year we will be having a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt to find his gift!

If you are looking for Valentine’s gifts for teens check out our latest article.


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Valentine's Day gifts for son

Treat your number 1 Valentine to a super cute Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Activity Gifts

Plan on spending a day with your son this year and have fun with these Valentine's Day crafts.

Valentine's Day gifts for the boys at school

This is where the fun really begins! Having to buy a super cute gift for the kids at school.

There is a mix of personalized and non-personalized, but more importantly, they are all awesome classroom gifts.

You might also like over 600 of the best Christmas gifts for boys for inspiration.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for boys? Let me know in the comments.

The Best Valentines Day gifts for the boys in the classroom

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