Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Kids in 2024

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Prime Day is not the only day amazing deals can be found on Amazon.

Some of our favorite deals are board games for kids, toys, and of course gifts for you!

Let’s go shopping for those bargains!

amazon prime day deals for kids

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If you want to jump straight to the deals, use the Table of Contents to go straight to the deal that interests you.

Do I need to be an Amazon Prime member?

You only need to be an Amazon Prime member when they offer their Prime Day.

If you are not already a prime member now is the time to do it.

You can get a 30-day free trial (cancel at any time) and you will need it to grab these deals.

Is it worth it? Well if you are impatient like me, then yes, to get 90% of your deliveries the next day is totally worth it. I actually don’t use anything else that comes with it. But it comes with Amazon Prime videos, prime gaming, and Rx savings, which I totally need to look into another day.

amazon prime membership

I am now just going to jump straight into the deals as the quicker you can save money the better!

Seasonal Amazon deals

See our favorite seasonal Amazon offers this week perfect for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation:

Check out the top picks in our book section for some seasonal reads. You’ll find them at the beginning of the list.

Prime Day board games

There is up to 60% off on our favorite board games! Some of these deals are the best I have seen all year.

These are the best family board games and there are some for preschoolers right through to teenagers.


Amazon Prime Day deals on toys

Treat the kids to a new toy, perfect to keep them occupied over the summer:

Amazon Prime Day deals on books

These are the must-have books for kids and most of them are 50% off or more.

Top bargains for the whole family

Explore a world of savings with these top bargains for the whole family! From electronics to toys, we’ve curated a selection of must-have deals that are sure to delight every member of your household.

Amazon Deals for busy moms

Calling all busy moms! Amazon has you covered with these fantastic deals!

Amazon Prime Day Lego deals

There are a few deals on Lego this year, and I will add more as I see them. However, I highly recommend you compare them to the actual Lego store as they are often cheaper there. Plus you get VIP rewards at Lego. But here are the best gifts for Lego lovers on Prime Day:

You can check out our favorite Lego school supplies to see if there are any further bargains to be had.

prime day deals

Electronic Prime Day deals

Now is the perfect time to stock up on the bigger ticket items too, perfect for special Christmas gifts. With up to 60% off some of our favorites:

School Prime Day deals

Here you will find school supplies for teachers, moms, and homeschoolers. All with up to 60% off!


Prime Day homeschool deals

These are our favorite Prime homeschool deals, but you can also check our homeschool Black Friday deals if you are visiting this page in November!

For homeschool supplies check in the back to school prime deals above. For educational books see the book section above.

Last Updated on 2 May 2024 by Clare Brown