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18 Easy Ways For Kids to Remember The 50 States of America

How to learn the 50 states of America in your homeschool
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Learning about the 50 States is super important to us, especially as we are from England. We of course knew a lot of them, but certainly didn’t know any of the capitals.

We love to have FUN in our homeschool, and learning about America is a perfect time to bring out the games, activity books, and fun songs!

I have listed our favorite ways to learn the 50 states, and there are plenty of FREE resources included. I have also produced 4 FREE USA worksheets which you can download for free at the bottom of this post.

USA State Printables

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How To Remember the States?

We like to start the day off as relaxed as possible, so every morning while having breakfast we watch CNN10 (when it is on, we have missed it over the summer months). After this, we are watching one of the songs on youtube (listed below). They are all so fun and the songs are so catchy. We will remember the States and capitals in no time!

Then once a week for an hour (or more if we are playing board games) we are learning about each State. Starting of course, with our home state of Florida.

See what resources we are using to learn about the 50 states below.

Unit Studies That Teach The 50 States

Traveling the States – This is a digital full curriculum for kids of all ages. The Teachers Manual includes a book list, game list, activities, link/QR code to a YouTube playlist, and recipes. Student Notebook includes mapping your travels across the USA as well as a coloring page, flag page, state profile, and nature profile page for each state. Nature Profiles that cover a bird or animal, flower, and tree for each state with a photo, fun facts, scientific name, and more for each. Game Pack that includes Memory, Bingo, and Top Trumps games to help learn the facts in a play-based way. Also included are postcard, snapshots, landmark building cards, brochure templates, and famous person report template to enrich and extend the learning experience.

State Songs of the 50 States – This online course is the perfect course to do with any state study! Listen to the state’s official, and unofficial songs as you learn about each state. Videos of the songs, as well as links to lyrics and sheet music, are included.

Learning across the United States offers a 10-week course for grades 2-5.

50 States Books

We just love books so we have all three, you can either buy new ones or check out your local library who will have them.

The Scrambled States of America

The 50 States, explore America with 50 fact-filled maps

50 States, 5000 ideas of where to go

Board Games that Teach the 50 States

Games are one of our favorite ways to learn anything, I mean if you are having fun it doesn’t feel like learning! These games are all so much fun, and certainly better than doing a boring workbook! If you are looking for other educational board games check out over 40 of our favorites.

100 Pics US States and Capital Game

Mapology US States and Capitals

Scholastic Race Across the States

Skillmatics Guess in 10 States of America

Winning Moves Games Game of The States

50 States Activity Books

We haven’t used these activity books, however, they all get amazing reviews so I have included them. Please let me know in the comments if you have used any of these, or if you recommend anything else.

The United States of America Coloring Book

The United States Activity Book

The 50 States Activity Book

Songs about the 50 States

These are all FREE from Youtube. They are all so incredibly catchy, you will be singing them constantly, in fact, I had a dream about the Animaniacs song last night!! But trust me, they really are a fun way to learn the 50 states. We watch a different one every morning before school.


Fifty Nifty United States, from the Thirteen original colonies.

Tour the States

18 Fun Ways to Learn about the 50 states of America in your homeschool

Apps for Learning The States of America

Online Map Quiz Game

Stack the States is an app, it is a paid-for app ($2.99) however, it really is a fun way to let the kids learn. Also, I don’t know about your children, but Freddie LOVES playing on his Ipad so it’s a win-win.

USA Worksheets FREE

All you need to do to get these 4 Free USA Worksheets and ALL of our FREE resources is to subscribe below. (It will take about 5 minutes to get the email and then you will have FULL ACCESS. Please check your Spam folder.)

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and then click on the shrink to fit button. With all of our printables, they work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.) As ink can be expensive you can choose to print these out in grayscale and they will still look amazing.

If these aren’t quite what you are looking for, this bundle from Etsy is awesome.

If you are looking for more geography curriculum resources check out our recent post.

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