Fun Ways To Learn The 50 States With Kids

Are you looking for fun ways to learn the 50 States? If so look no further.

With these interactive approaches, state memorization becomes an exciting adventure, enhancing your best homeschool geography curriculum.

Explore a variety of resources and methods that will not only help you remember all 50 states but also make the learning process enjoyable and engaging for all ages.

I am sharing our favorite curriculums, books, games, songs, and more so you can learn the 50 states in no time.

fun ways to learn the 50 states

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How to remember the 50 states

Memorizing all 50 states can be a daunting task, but it’s a rewarding one.

It’s a foundational knowledge of U.S. geography and an essential skill for students, educators, and anyone interested in American history and culture.

The challenge lies in the sheer number of states and the need to remember not just their names but also their locations and capitals.

Carry on reading for the best ways to learn about all 50 States of America.

The importance of learning the States

Learning all 50 states is not just a task for the sake of it. It holds great importance in the realm of education and understanding the world around us. Here’s why it’s important:

  1. Knowing the 50 states is like building a strong foundation for understanding the United States. It’s the first step in a journey that leads to a deeper understanding of American geography, history, and culture.
  2. Understanding the states is a form of geographical literacy. It helps you make sense of maps, navigate your surroundings, and comprehend the layout of the country.
  3. For students and citizens alike, knowing the states and their capitals is vital for civic awareness. It empowers you to participate in discussions about the country’s political structure and government.
  4. If you ever plan to travel within the United States, knowing the states is immensely beneficial. It allows you to plan trips, navigate routes, and appreciate the diversity of the country.
  5. For students, familiarity with the states is essential for excelling in geography classes. It often forms the basis for more advanced studies in history and social sciences.
  6. Each state in the U.S. has its unique culture, history, and significance. Learning about them deepens your appreciation of the country’s rich tapestry of traditions and heritage.

Check out our United States unit study!

50 States homeschool curriculum

Adding a dedicated 50 states homeschool curriculum into your education plan offers a structured and comprehensive approach to understanding U.S. geography, history, and culture.

State songs of the 50 U.S. States

The State Songs of the 50 States homeschool curriculum is an ideal companion for any state-based study. It provides an interactive learning experience where you can listen to both official and unofficial state songs while exploring the unique characteristics of each state.

The curriculum not only includes videos of these songs but also provides links to lyrics and sheet music, making it a comprehensive resource for a state-focused study.

Whether you are homeschooling or looking to enrich your understanding of U.S. geography and culture, this course offers an engaging and enjoyable way to explore the 50 states.

US geography worksheets & maps

This colorful USA map set, divided into seven rainbow-ordered sections, is a valuable resource for geography lessons.

It includes maps, study guides, printables, and answer keys, offering a fun and engaging way to help students memorize state names, abbreviations, and capitals.

These digital resources are instantly available for download and are suitable for personal use, making them a versatile and reusable tool for enhancing geography education.

Traveling the states

Traveling the States is a digital full curriculum for kids of all ages. For each state your family travels to you will:

  1. Map Exploration: Pinpoint the state’s location on a blank map.
  2. State Insights: Delve into information about the state’s history and characteristics.
  3. Artistic Expression: Get creative with an original artwork coloring page.
  4. Flag History and Design: Discover the history of the state flag and craft your own version.
  5. Passport Stamping: Mark your journey with a stamped passport.
  6. Visual Learning: Explore the state through an engaging YouTube playlist.
  7. Nature and History: Learn about the state’s natural elements and historical facts, including its animal, bird, flower, and tree.
  8. Educational Fun: Play entertaining and educational games.
  9. Culinary Exploration: Prepare a traditional recipe from the state, enhancing your understanding of its culture and cuisine.

Discover the best geography board games too!

Sonlight unit study

Sonlight’s 50 States unit study offers an engaging and comprehensive curriculum for children of all ages, helping them learn about the United States in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

Each state is explored through a variety of activities, including map location, reading, coloring, flag history, passport stamping, YouTube playlists, and much more.

This unit study is adaptable for different age groups, making it an excellent choice for homeschooling families seeking a hands-on approach to state exploration.

With a focus on key state details and hands-on experiences, it’s a valuable addition to any homeschooling curriculum.

50 states unit study

Free American worksheets

Enhance your geography curriculum with our selection of free printable geography worksheets, designed to make learning about the United States engaging and informative.

  • The 50 States coloring pages printable offer a creative and enjoyable way for students to explore and memorize the 50 states. Each page is dedicated to a different state, allowing kids to have fun while familiarizing themselves with state shapes and locations.
  • Dive into American history and culture with our free American landmarks worksheet featuring 17 of the most famous U.S. landmarks. From the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon, these activity sheets provide information and activities that make learning about these iconic sites both educational and entertaining.
  • Download our free state facts worksheet to delve into the unique characteristics of each of the 50 states. These worksheets cover key information about state capitals, state flowers, and state birds, allowing students to gain a well-rounded understanding of the nation.
  • Explore the entire continent with our free North America continent worksheets. These resources extend beyond the U.S. borders to provide insights into the geography, history, and culture of North America as a whole. From Canada to Mexico, these worksheets expand students’ knowledge of the continent and its diverse countries.
  • Explore the Statue of Liberty with our free Statue of Liberty worksheets and coloring pages. Learn interesting facts about its height, weight, and history, making your study of this iconic symbol both educational and enjoyable.

These free American worksheets are a valuable addition to any geography curriculum, providing a wide range of educational materials that cater to various learning styles and interests.

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent, teacher, or student, these resources are designed to make the study of American geography and culture both informative and enjoyable.

Fun ways to learn states and capitals

Discover tons of enjoyable activities that will make learning the 50 States of America a breeze for both you and your kids.

These fun methods will ensure that state names and capitals become second nature.

US States book for kids

We just love books so we have all three, you can either buy new ones or check out your local library who will have them.

united states coloring page

Check out all of the best geography books for kids.

State games for kids

Fun games are one of our favorite ways to learn anything. If you are having fun it doesn’t feel like learning!

These State games for kids are all so much fun, and certainly better than doing a boring workbook!

50 States activity books

Discover a range of engaging resources for exploring the United States and its rich diversity with these activity books:

50 States song for kids

Explore a collection of catchy and engaging songs that are readily available for free on YouTube. These songs make learning the 50 states a really fun experience:

  • The classic Animaniacs song is not only entertaining but also a memorable way to learn about the states and their capitals.
  • Fifty Nifty United States takes you on a musical journey through the 50 states, starting with the thirteen original colonies.
  • And my favorite, Tour the States. A fun and educational song that offers a musical tour of the U.S., reinforcing state knowledge through song and visuals.

The best app to learn states and capitals

Explore the best geography apps that make learning the U.S. states and capitals a fun and interactive experience:

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