11 Best Sensory Toys To Help With ADHD & Anxiety

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If you are looking for the best sensory toys for ADHD you are in the right place.

We finally got the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosis when our son was 9.

We had already pulled him out of the public school system a year before, but getting the diagnosis was a huge relief.

All children love toys. But kids with ADHD have difficulties playing with some toys. They may create sensory issues, lights, sounds, and textures on these toys can be overwhelming and irritating to these kids. This can result in sensory overload.

When buying toys for kids with ADHD, you need to conduct a lot of research. So you can understand what kind of toys will work best for them.

ADHD toys do not have to be boring. Or unattractive, and that is why we have put together a collection of toys you can buy if your child has ADHD.

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sensory toys for adhd

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Best ADHD calming toys for kids

The best 11 ADHD sensory toys are:

  1. Balance Stepping Stones
  2. Squishy Drawing Pad
  3. Body Sock Full-Body Wrap
  4. Silly String Stress Fidget Toy
  5. Door Pong Game
  6. Water Beads Pack
  7. Hopper Ball
  8. Fidget Pop Tubes
  9. Press and Stay Sensory Blocks
  10. Tangle Jr Fidget Toy
  11. Chewable Gem Necklace

Carry on reading for a more detailed description of how these toys work for ADHD.

Homeschooling a child with ADHD can be challenging, but we absolutely love it.

Although these toys have been written with ADHD in mind, these are also perfect for children who have a sensory processing disorder (SPD).

If you notice any sensory red flags you may need additional support.

Balance Stepping Stones

balance stepping stones

The rubber stepping stones offer muscle coordination and stability to the kids when they are walking or jumping up and down.

They also force the kids to practice skill development since each side of each stepping stone has different steepness levels.

The rubber material is textured and the footings prevent the kids from slipping and falling.

Balance stepping stones help kids with sensory issues to train their muscles for stability.

We have also found that bouncing on a trampoline is helpful, check out all the trampoline benefits for kids we have discovered.

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Squishy Drawing Pad

squishy pad

The reusable gel inside this squishy drawing pad allows for the creation of unlimited artistic projects.

Drawing or making patterns on the squishy pad has the same feeling as finger painting but without the mess.

The gel is non-toxic and comes in colorful packaging.

When your child finishes one creative project, they can wipe it out and start another project right away. This enhances this sense of creativity.

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Body Sock Full-Body Wrap

full body suit

This full-body sensory sock is designed to offer relief, calm, and relaxation for kids with ADHD.

It stretches and allows your child to play with it without the threat of feeling overwhelmed or anxious. The breathable and lightweight fabric makes it an ideal choice for activities to help anxious child.

Silly String Stress Fidget Toy

fidget gifts adhd

This silly string stress fidget toy promotes fine motor skills and tactile stimulations. Making the child feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

They stretch to over 9 feet and they come in different color combinations that also act as visual stimuli.

Kids can twist, pull, squish, fling, or do whatever they want with this toy and the structural integrity will still hold.

The only downside of this product is that it does not glow in the dark.

Door Pong Game

door pong

This is a great toy for playing games that develop gross motoring skills. It comes in a variety of colors for visual enhancement. Plus it produces a ‘pop’ sound for audio awareness whenever your child plays.

The ball’s movement also assists in body coordination and since the kids can play the game in a variety of ways, it heightens their creativity level.

You clamp the door pong onto a doorway, adjust the length of the string and start hitting away at the ball using bats (that come with the package).

Water Beads Pack

water beads

This is the ultimate water beads pack sensory toy.

It contains thousands of small beads, balloons, and other kits for decoration.

The magic beads expand and become smooth and elastic when put in water.

These beads have a slimy and squishy feeling when kids touch them.

They are great for enhancing the tactile experience and can also be used as learning tools.

The large beads expand more when soaked in water. These beads are good stress relievers for people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Other kits that come in the package can be used for decorating the house. The toy could make for a good afternoon family project to keep the kids busy while enhancing their creativity and fine motor skills.

Hopper Ball

hopper ball

The hopper ball helps kids enhance their gross motor skills and body movement coordination.

They climb onto the ball, grasp the handle, and start bouncing.

It is a sturdy ball that helps the kids use up their energy while having fun at the same time.

Using sensory chairs to improve focus can be especially beneficial, as these chairs provide the necessary sensory input that helps students stay engaged and attentive.

Sensory Fidget Toys

pop it tubes

These are great toys for relieving stress and anxiety in kids.

They can bend the tubes into all sorts of shapes or connect them to form one long tube.

You can connect the fidget pop tubes, stretch them, or bend them in any way you like.  The toy helps the child to be imaginative and creative.

The plastic material is squishy and comfortable, giving the kids a chance to enhance their fine motor skills.

The rubber material has a comfortable texture and makes pop sounds that should have a calming effect on your child. Additionally, the benefits of sensory play with these toys include improved hand-eye coordination, sensory processing, and exploration of cause and effect.

The kids will also enjoy the best ADHD books for kids.    

Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

sensory toys for adhd - bricks

These blocks are designed for kids over 6 months old.

The 24 blocks easily click together and can be pulled apart easily.

This toy enhances creativity in your child because there is no limit to the number of different designs and styles they can create using these blocks. You can stack them up, or build a structure sideways.

The texture is smooth and made of durable plastic material that can be cleaned easily or soaked in water without getting damaged.

The blocks also help in amplifying your child’s grasping skills since they require some pressure to make them stick together. They are also easy to pull apart.

Supervise your younger children while they are playing with these blocks to prevent injuries when they trip on them.

We have also found the older my son gets that building with challenging Lego sets has the same effect.

Tangle Jr Fidget Toy

tangle fidget

The tangle fidget toy provides tactile stimulation for kids and adults with ADHD.

They come in different colors and pieces that can be pulled apart and snapped back together. The squishy nature of the toy helps kids to calm down and reduce their anxiety levels.

Chewable Gem Necklace

sensory toys adhd

If your kid loves to chew things, this is the best toy to buy for them.

These ADHD chewing toys help kids who tend to bite their fingers or chew on their clothing as a way of managing their anxiety.

This chewable necklace is made of tough medical-grade approved material that will not harm your child.

The kids can wear this necklace as a pendant and can also use it as a fidget tool to help them manage stress and anxiety.

They also come in different colors and the squishy texture enhances tactile sensations as well.

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