40+ Best Books For 13 Year Old Boys That They Can’t Put Down

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My son loves to read, I mean really loves to read. So I wanted to share with you his absolute best books for 13 year old boys that he can’t put down.

He is a self-confessed geek and loves all things Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel. So a lot of these kids’ books fall into this category. But that’s ok, he is still reading.

Check out the best books for kids for teenage boys that they are going to love.

best books for 13 year old boys

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Best books to read for a 13 year old boy

The absolute best books for a 13-year-old boy according to Freddie are the Harry Potter series. He only started reading these last year and is still going through them now.

What I love about this is not only do I get him to write a middle school book report template and then we watch the movie. He needs to use a compare and contrast movie and book template to write about the differences. But if you don’t homeschool, or have a reluctant reader I would advise against doing this!

13 year old boy reading Harry Potter

Not all of these books are reading books, and some of them are even considered educational! (I know shock horror.) But I promise you these books are absolutely perfect for 13 year old boys, and they will be begging you for more.

Harry potter and cursed child book
Best nerds forever books
Gordon Korman books

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Best book series for 13 year old boys

teenage boy reading Shakespeare

The kids will enjoy the best Halloween books for middle schoolers.

Best Star Wars books

13 year old reading star wars book

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Best Marvel & DC Books

13 year old boy reading Marvel book
DC, Marvel and Star Wars comics from Comic Garage

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Best Self Help books for teen boys

Bookshelf with books for 13 year old boys
books for 13 year old boys that they can't put down.

Some of the books in this list will also be suitable for younger children, but they will be enjoyed by teenagers too. I have previously shared our top 100 best books for 9 year old boys too, so if you have younger children check this out.

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