17 Best Family Advent Calendars in 2024

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These best family advent calendars are a wonderful way to make the holiday season extra special.

These calendars help you count the days until Christmas in a fun and exciting way.

Each day, you and your loved ones get to open a new door or find a surprise. In this gift guide, we’ll explore a variety of family advent calendars that are perfect for making the season more festive.

These calendars offer something for everyone, whether you enjoy puzzles, crafts, or simply spending quality time together.

Let’s dive into the world of family advent calendars and find the perfect one for your family!

family advent calendars

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Best family advent calendar ideas

The holiday season is a special time for families to be together and have fun. One way to make it even more exciting is with family advent calendars.

These calendars help build anticipation for Christmas by revealing a surprise or activity each day leading up to the 25th.

From card based escape room adventures to creative crafts and acts of kindness. The variety of family advent calendars available today is truly remarkable. In this guide, we will explore a diverse range of family advent calendar ideas that cater to different interests and age groups.

Whether you have young children eager to open tiny doors or teenagers looking for engaging challenges. There’s an advent calendar option to suit every family dynamic.

We’ll delve into popular options such as themed escape room calendars, interactive family challenges, and even calendars designed to inspire acts of goodwill and kindness during the holiday season.

So, let’s embark on a journey through a world of exciting family advent calendars that will add an extra sprinkle of magic and joy to your holiday celebrations.

What is a family advent calendar?

A family advent calendar is a special calendar used to count down the days in December leading up to Christmas Day. It typically starts on December 1st and goes through December 24th. Each day, a new compartment, door, or window is opened to reveal a surprise, treat, or activity.

Family advent calendars are designed to be a fun and festive way for families to come together and celebrate the holiday season.

They often include small gifts, chocolates, toys, or even activities like puzzles, crafts, or acts of kindness that the family can do together. Plus, some families opt for a free printable advent calendar to color, adding a personalized touch to their countdown to Christmas.

These calendars help build anticipation and create memorable moments for families as they prepare for Christmas.

Family advent calendars are often favored over individual ones because they are significantly more cost-effective.

While individual calendars can quickly add up in terms of expenses. A family advent calendar offers shared enjoyment and savings. Making it a budget-friendly and inclusive way to celebrate the holiday season together.

Best advent calendars for the family

Discover a world of festive anticipation with these fantastic family advent calendars!

From exciting escape room adventures to sweet treats and personalized surprises. There’s something for every family to enjoy as they count down to the holiday season.

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