15 Hilarious Best Joke Books For Kids

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I think all kids go through a stage of wanting to be a stand-up comic! Although most of the time it is how they tell the joke that is funnier than the joke itself! If you are tired of hearing the same joke over and over again, you are going to love these best joke books for kids!

With over 15 side-splitting joke books you won’t have to pretend you don’t know the punch line!

I have included our favorite first joke book for younger kids, a book talking about how to deliver funny jokes, tear-off jokes for the kid’s lunch box, and everything in between.

These really are the best joke kid’s book lists we have found.

If you have a reluctant reader, these joke books are your best friend! Just because they don’t feel like a reading book, doesn’t mean your child isn’t reading!

The funniest joke books for kids

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Best kids joke books

These are the 15 best joke books for kids that will have you all in stitches.

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Let me know in the comments what your favorite joke books for kids are.

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