20 Best Homeschool Science Books For Grades 4-12

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Finding good homeschool science books for older students is hard. In fact, finding anything science related for homeschool, I have found hard. But worry not, I have you covered.

I have added the best science reference books, curriculums, and workbooks to this concise list.

These homeschool science books are aimed at upper elementary grades right through to high school grades. They should be used as a supplement to your homeschool science curriculum.

If you are looking for science gifts for teenagers I have shared over 20 of the absolute best gifts that they are going to love.

I have broken the list into science encyclopedias, full science curriculum books, science workbooks, and fun STEM reading books.

best homeschool science books

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Homeschool Science Books

The best homeschool science books for grades 4-12

Homeschool science workbooks

These are the best homeschool science workbooks for upper elementary through to high school grades.

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