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Are you looking for IXL reviews to decide whether it will work for you?

There are lots of new online homeschooling options popping up over the last few years. You want to make sure it is worth the money!

No problem, I am going to go over what our take on IXL is. When I first reviewed this we were living in the UK, so a lot of the focus of this review is on the differences between the US version and the UK version.

At the time we were following the UK National Curriculum so I have also shared my views on whether IXL would work in that situation.

Subsequently, we moved to Florida, and as we opted for the US version there was no transfer. We both enjoy the adaptive learning of IXL and think you will too.

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Carry on reading for our IXL reviews.

IXL Homeschool Review

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There is a UK edition to IXL which follows the UK curriculum and has UK spellings and UK money. I am pleased I have had the opportunity to review the American version for you though.

In my opinion, although there are a few negatives for UK students (please see below) it has more subjects to study. Check out IXL for 20% off.

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What is IXL?

IXL stands for “I excel” which I think is a very apt name.

It is not just for maths and English too. IXL also has science, social studies, and Spanish.

It is for all ages from grades K-12 (If you are in the UK see the table below to see what grades your child is in.)

Check out IXL for yourself with 20% off.

Is IXL Good For Homeschooling?

What I instantly loved, which I have not come across before, is IXL did not ask for my son’s age! I know, this at first really surprised me.

Boy on a laptop doing a question on IXL

As soon as my son logged onto IXL he had to take a diagnostic test, which is about 150 questions in both maths and language arts (English). Now we had no idea how long this “test” would take, but it took Freddie about 3 hours. Now Freddie is only 9 years old so he, of course, had plenty of breaks in between.

The results were amazing, and exactly what I would expect. My son was deregistered from school, as in my opinion he wasn’t being pushed hard enough, and he should be working at a higher level than grade 3.

We have been homeschooling since June 2018 and this diagnostic assessment confirmed everything we already knew.

In math, his overall level was 510 (which is 2 years above) and his overall language arts level was 520 (which was also 2 years above.)

This level of personalized learning is something I have not seen before.

IXL for Homeschool

The diagnostic report was so detailed. Not only did it tell me his overall maths and language arts level, but it also broke it down into different sections. In maths there were:

So I know that my son needs extra work on geometry in particular. So rather than having to stay working in grade 3, he is working in grade 4 for geometry, grade 5 for data statistics & probability but grade 6 for everything else.

The English report is just as detailed and is broken down as follows:

  • Reading Strategies
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing Strategies
  • Grammar & Mechanics

My son is working in grade 6 for all but grammar & mechanics which is at the beginning of grade 5. It tells me what he struggles with as well: Capitalizing titles, capitalizing names and places, punctuating dialogue and commas with the names of places.

Every lesson Freddie does his diagnostic report also changes. This can be printed out or just viewed online.

IXL Recommendations Page

After the diagnostic test has been taken there are loads of recommendations for your child to do. They can scroll through and choose what lesson they do next, be it maths or language arts.

Check IXL out for yourself, but you are going to love it.

IXL recommendations

Once they have chosen which skill they would like to work on the child selects the lesson.

example of IXL question

It shows them on the right of the screen how many questions they have answered, the time elapsed, and the smart score out of 100.

There are absolutely loads of certificates to be achieved and virtual stickers. So if they are progressing well, or spending time on IXL they get rewarded.

ixl learning certificate

What’s also great is, that I got an email telling me how hard my son had been working. Although he works on a desk behind mine, and he was so proud he told me as soon as he got it.

ixl learning certificate notification

Parent Information with IXL

The level of information that parents get with IXL is also much more than I have seen before. There is a certificate center, where you can see how they are progressing.

This is so useful to us homeschool moms.

IXL Certificates Centre

The progress and improvement page is also really handy.

You can see exactly what lessons they have done and how they did in it.

Clearly, Freddie needs more work with two-dimensional figures for example. But IXL will keep this on the recommendations page until he completely understands it.

progress and improvement report from IXL

The usage details are also brilliant. It shows how many questions they have answered, how long they have spent practicing, and what skills they have progressed in.

IXL Parent Portal - usage details

Honest IXL Review

This is one of the best online home education programs we use.

I love the fact that you are not stuck in one year group for all lessons.

I love that you can choose which lesson or skill you want to master.

If you opt for the American version of IXL there are a few negatives for UK students though:

  • The spelling is American
  • When working in money it is in US Dollars not UK £
  • The measurements are imperial and not metric
  • It follows the US standard of education and not the UK national curriculum.

However, even with these negatives in the American version, I absolutely recommend IXL learning to any student. For me, these small negatives were not enough to put us off. As there are Spanish, science and social science lessons as well. If these IXL reviews don’t put you off, which they shouldn’t they are definitely worth trying in your homeschool.

If the negatives would put you off though please do opt for the UK version. It is just as good as the American version, but at this time it does not have science, Spanish or social science.

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IXL Reviews

IXL is one of the best online home education programs we use. I love the fact that you are not stuck in one grade for all subjects. It provides detailed personalized reports and diagnostics. IXL follows the core curriculum and is updated regularly.

How we use IXL learning in our homeschool for math and English

Can I use IXL if I am in the UK?

As we originally reviewed IXL when we were living in the UK I wanted to give you the differences between the UK and USA versions. We used the USA version (as it was better, despite the fact that it was using American terminology.)

The Differences Between the UK and USA Versions of IXL

  • The UK version of IXL is available for maths and English
  • The USA version of IXL has maths, English, science, Spanish, and social science lessons.
  • The UK version follows the UK national curriculum. The school year suggestions follow the UK school system. There are localised spellings, the money is in £ and not $ and the weights are metric.
  • The American version follows the standards set in America. The school grades are American. There are localised spellings, the money is in $ and the weights are imperial.

Overall though we both have continued to love IXL and would recommend it to any homeschool family.

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  1. Thank you so much! This is very helpful! I would like to opt for the American version since we are American. But I’m not sure how to do that. I keep ending up on the UK web page. I also like the indent I’ve of getting 20% off. Is that also available with the American version? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Holly

      Absolutely, the American version in my opinion is the best. This should automatically open in the correct country for your location. I am also now in America and it opens in the American version for me. (If it is in $ it will be the correct one). The 20% off is for everyone 🙂

  2. What a great article about IXL, I think it definitely highlights a lot of the great aspects it can have. Sadly for us it didn’t work out so well so we have been using Beestar instead.

  3. Thank you for this detailed review! I have currently decided not to send my child back for the last term of Reception and have been looking and struggling to choose what online site to put him on. I am now going to try the monthly plan and see how it works out for my 5 year old. Many thanks!

  4. Hi Clare
    my name is Lara, i found your blog really informative about homeschooling, and I like it really much. thanks for making all these reviews, they really are helpful to a lot of people
    I’m starting homeschooling next term with one of my daughters and I really would appreciate your opinion
    i’m really bad at maths myself so I don’t feel confident teaching it to my daughter, also she is in year seven, so the maths are getting quite complicated to me, the question is, which online resource do you think would be better for my case, IXL usa or CTCmath? in the CTCmath promotion video I saw that it explains every topic quite good, in IXL i like the interface and the fact that is has many other subjects apart from math, in your opinion which one explains the best way?
    thankyou so much

  5. This is great review….I have been looking for similar portal for my home educated son and the website doesn’t clearly show all benefits as you have on the review so great help – thank you! Are there any other websites you recommend for homeschooling? My son would be in year 6 (UK)

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