The Ultimate List of the Best Homeschool Music Curriculum

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Finding a homeschool music curriculum is hard, especially a good one.

Not being able to play any musical instrument, or indeed have any musical ability, finding a music curriculum for our homeschool was essential.

Freddie started playing the piano, less than a year ago, and I absolutely love listening to him practice. But apart from his piano lesson we weren’t really “studying” music, which is why I created this list. If you are solely interested in online piano lessons for kids check out our top 18 resources.

ultimate list of music curriculum for homeschoolers

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Homeschool Music Curriculum

Music In Our Homeschool has 48 online music courses, there are lessons for kids of all ages. We have recently taken the 10 weeks of Shakespeare introductory course (check out our review in our how to teach your child Shakespeare post) for grades 7-12 and I have to say we love it. As we are from the UK and have visited Shakespeares’ home in Stratford Upon Avon it really was a trip down memory lane. (For living in the UK, of course, I am not as old as Shakespeare!!).

Over 25 of the best music curriculums for homeschool

Mr D Math Music Theory and Appreciation a self-paced curriculum for grades 6-12. This course is designed to give your student a well-rounded understanding of the musical theory applicable to multiple genres. They will also cover the origins of some musical structures, showing students the progression of compositions over the centuries. With 33 self-paced lessons. 

School House Teachers have music courses on advanced music theory, beginner drum lessons, composing with masters, guitar, violin plus lots more. Aimed at children of all ages, all you need to do is subscribe either monthly or annually. One price covers the entire family, all grades, all subjects, with hundreds of courses and lesson plans.

Great Bend Center for Music offers free LIVE online music lessons for kids aged 2-5, and very reasonably priced online music lessons for kids in grade 4-12. I highly recommend these lessons.

Maestro Classics are classic stories brought to life by classical music. Designed to cultivate a love of classical music and to improve listening skills. With each of these stories, they offer FREE curriculum guides for parents. It really is a truly wonderful curriculum.

Prodigies Music – over 600 video music lessons for kids aged 2-12 and offer a 30-day free trial.

Music Theory Books for Kids

music curriculum books

Teaching Music to Children A Curriculum Guide for Teachers Without Music Training. This was written for elementary teachers, but this would work well in a homeschool environment too. It even comes with a 60 minute music CD.

Music The Definitive Visual Guide – This is a comprehensive reference book with spectacular timelines of key events and profiles of musicians from Amadeus Mozart to David Bowie.

Help Your Kids with Music

Basic Music Theory 50 Ready-to-Use Activities for Grades 3-9. With downloadable worksheets to learn the basic elements in music theory — pitch, intervals, dynamics duration, keys, scales, and music terminology.

Music and How it Works is a very colorful music book for kids. The book looks at music throughout history, beginning with the first known melody from the Fertile Crescent and covering modern music phenomena, from K-Pop to hip-hop

Music Appreciation for Elementary Grades will introduce children to seven different composers, dating from 1685 to 1828 (Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, and Schubert). Each composer’s childhood and adult life are vividly described in individual biographies. 

Online Music Lessons For Homeschoolers

online music lessons for homeschoolers

Outschool live online classes – Ukulele, guitar, piano, singing, music history, mandolin, banjo, great composers, recorder.

Tremolo Guitar School offers online guitar lessons for kids. These are LIVE online lessons with qualified tutors.

Moosiko – Offer personalized guitar lessons with adaptive learning technology. Lessons in guitar and ukulele.

Homeschool Piano – piano lessons for all levels and they offer a 30 day full access trial. They get excellent reviews from other homeschool parents. The videos are short and fun, and very engaging.

Vocal Coach – singing lessons with complete vocal training for growing voices.

Hoffman Academy – have a free trial for piano lessons for kids

Yousician – learn guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, and singing. They offer a 7-day free trial to try before you buy.

Homeschool Music Curriculum Free

Easy Peasy All in One – Music Appreciation, Music of the middle ages

Ultimate list of FREE music curriculum for kids

Kids Guitar Zone – Free guitar lessons for children. They have 10 difficulties from beginner to more advanced with about 5 lessons in each section.

Fiddlerman – learn to play the violin for free

8 Notes – Free sheet music

Classics for Kids – free podcasts and lesson plans for children in grades K-6.

Guitar Lessons – Free online guitar lessons, these are not aimed at children, but there are lots of beginner classes.

Key Components of a Homeschool Music Curriculum

For upper elementary and middle school grades, we will be following these key components as our music curriculum.

  • Music Theory
  • Key Composers
  • Playing Multiple Instruments
  • Reading Music
  • History of Music
  • Music Appreciation
  • Ability to identify aurally different instruments
  • Create and compose a musical piece of work.

Sheet Music Online

Easy Piano Sheet Music – Virtual Sheet Music what I love about Virtual Sheet music is it has sheet music for every level. You can also search by genre, by instrument, and even better they have freebies too!

Let me know in the comments below what homeschool music curriculum you use. Or if you have used any of my suggestions what did you like about them?

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