37 Best Pirate Books For Kids of All Ages

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Ahoy me hearties! Are your children turning into swashbuckling pirates? If so they are going to love these pirate books for kids.

Pirate books are perfect all year round, but even more so for Talk Like a Pirate Day! Check out what activities we will be getting up to in September. As we homeschool year-round, there are lots of educational resources in the post too.

For even more pirate fun our pirate coloring pages are perfect for celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th! Or any time your little shipmates want to color!

My son absolutely loves reading, check out our favorite book lists for kids there are over 20 book lists included for kids of all ages, for school, for reading, and for every season. Plus lots of free book printables.

When you have finished reading the kids will love to play our free pirate bingo.

Carry on reading to find the best 36 pirate books for kids that they are going to love this year.

I have included independent readers, pirate read-alouds, pirate activity books, and nonfiction pirate books. So there really is something for everyone.

The best pirare books for kids, great for talk like a pirate day!

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Books about Pirates That Kids Will Love

Here you will find the best pirate books for kids, including picture books, read-alouds, and independent reading books for slightly older children.

The Pirates Next Door is part of a series, with the Pirate Cruncher listed below and they are one of our favorite books of all time. The pictures are amazing, and the storytelling is fantastic.

Scooby-Doo and the Pirate Treasure, what’s new Scooby Doo? Well, I think they have found pirate treasure! This is a great book for early readers.

Shiver Me Letters, Pirates ABC’s. A fun book if you are currently learning the alphabet with children.

Shiver me timbers, can you match the correct pirates? I think you are also going to enjoy our free pirate memory game.

Pirate Stew is a wonderful book with rhyming text and an unlikely babysitter. Would you want to be babysat by a pirate?

How to be a Pirate with this rhyming picture book your kids will learn all about the pirate ship and how to be a pirate.

A Year on a Pirate Ship is a fantastic interactive picture book that both you and the kids will love.

The Berenstain Bears Pirate Adventure. Join the Berenstain Bears as they go on a high-seas adventure full of cannonballs, scallywags, and treasure in this exciting addition to the classic New York Times bestselling series.

The Pirate cruncher is part of one of our favorite picture book series starting with the Pirate Next door above.

There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map! Wow, that lady sure swallowed a lot! This is based on the old story of there was an old lady who swallowed a shoe, but in my opinion better!

Pirate Boy. Young readers will delight in this adventurous and reassuring tale of a pirate boy’s imagination and his unwaveringly brave mom. Who reassures him she’ll find him even if she has to swim on a dolphin, battle sea monsters, and wield a bottle of pirate-shrinking magic spray to do it.

How I Became a Pirate. Join Jeremy Jacob on a hilarious swashbuckling adventure with Braid Beard’s pirate crew. Complete with buried treasure, sea chanteys, and pirate curses, as he learns all about being a pirate, but soon finds out what pirates don’t do

Pirate Mom. Join Pete on his adventure to find the Amazing Marco and reverse his mom’s hypnotic transformation into a pirate. This has caused her to behave rudely and chase neighbors, steal underwear, and even fly the Jolly Roger over their house in this swashbuckling tale.

36 of the best pirate books for kids

Pirate Chicken: All Hens on Deck. Get ready for a laugh-out-loud story time with Pirate Chicken. Lily the chicken fulfills her dream of a life off the farm and becomes captain of an all-chicken crew. Only to face a mutiny that may force her to change her ways or squawk the plank.

On A Pirate Ship. Setting sail to search for treasure, a pirate and his crew face the challenges of enduring a storm and engaging in battle.

Help! The Pirate Has Lost His Shipmates. Join the treasure hunt in this exciting spot-the-pirate puzzle game. You will explore different locations, including a winter park, a harbor, a carnival, a cave, and a sunny beach. To find 16 missing pirates like Harry Hook, Gribble, Lady Swashbuckle, and Mr. Scurvy.

Goodnight Pirate. Say “night night” to everything from parrots to spyglasses. Settle in for bed in this sweet and gentle bedtime book for babies and toddlers. Perfect for young adventure-loving kids and treasure hunting adventurers alike.

The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost. Join Otto the alligator and his Uncle Tooth as they try to solve the mystery of a ghost in Boogle Bay.

Pirate Princess. Princess Bea’s love for the sea leads her to join Captain Jack’s pirate crew. But she must prove herself to the crew or face walking the plank in this empowering tale of girl power on the high seas.

Dinosaur Pirates. In this thrilling adventure, a group of dinosaur pirates searches for treasure. Only to face an ambush from a band of dangerous baddy pirates.

Pirate Mouse. A treasure-loving pirate terrified of water. Goes on a daring adventure across a giant pirate ship to face her fears and claim her prize. Only to discover an unexpected treasure that’s even greater.

Pirates love Underpants. In this silly picture book, a group of pirates goes on a quest to find the Pants of Gold. Which leads to an adventure full of laughs, sharks, and treasure.

My Magical Choices. Teaches children the power of positive language and making conscious choices to create happiness and develop healthy habits.

Ten Little Pirates learn to count up to 10 with this really fun pirate book.

Pirate Pups – Paw Patrol. In this exciting adventure, the rescue pups of PAW Patrol embark on a treasure hunt to find lost pirate treasure.

Kids reading pirate books

Jake and the Neverland Pirates. In this exciting adventure, Jake and his crew set out to find treasure at Skull Rock. But when Captain Hook steals the key, they must chase him across the Never Sea to retrieve it and claim their prize.

Pirates Past Noon. Jack and Annie are on a mission to find a buried treasure. But they must outsmart ruthless pirates in this high-seas adventure brought to life by the magic treehouse.

The Pirate Treasure. Join Jack and his friends on their treasure hunt adventure. They follow clues left by pirates to find a lost Spanish galleon ship and the priceless treasure believed to be aboard.

Pirate Activity Books

Have fun learning about pirates with the best pirate activity books, stickers, and more.

Pirates Magnified. Explore the lives of 10 real pirates and learn about life on the high seas, whilst using the magnifying glass. Can you spot more than 200 pirate-themed items in 16 eye-boggling illustrations?

1001 Pirate Things to Spot is an Usborne book and like all of the others is an excellent pirate book. Check out the best Usborne books for homeschooling.

Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map. Captain Pete and his crew embark on a treasure-hunting voyage. Only to encounter a colossal sea monster that threatens their quest for gold and jewels. With 30 stickers

Pirate Non-Fiction Books

Although the picture books and the pirate reading books are lots of fun. Why not start learning all about Pirates with these 6 non-fiction Pirate books?

Pirates: Dead Men’s Tales. Who were the real pirates of the Caribbean and beyond? Find out! This book brings us face to face with some of the most villainous and scurrilous rogues ever to sail the seven seas.

Lives of the Pirates. Find out more about Blackbeard, Madame Cheng, Sir Francis Drake, and other men and women of pirate history. What drove them to sail the high seas? What were their bad habits, and favorite foods? Learn all about 20 of the most famous pirates in this awesome pirate book.

Inside Out Pirate Ship: Explore the Golden Age of Piracy! Embark on a swashbuckling adventure and discover the secrets of pirate life. From treasure hunting to dangerous rope climbing. With interactive die-cut models and fascinating facts about famous pirates and their plunder.

Who Was Blackbeard is part of the excellent who was series. We have so many of these books, they are fantastic for younger students.

Pirates: True Stories of Seafaring Rogues. An epic adventure through the history of piracy. Exploring their tactics, treasures, and tales of daring exploits that have captured imaginations for centuries.

I Escaped Amazon River Pirates. Nick and his stepsister Maddie must navigate deadly obstacles in the Amazon rainforest. While being pursued by river pirates and holding onto a box of stolen gold in this action-packed adventure book.

Blackbird the Pirate King. Biographical poems about the Pirate King Edward Teach, combined with historical notes and illustrations. Offer young readers a thrilling and informative exploration of Blackbeard’s life and legacy.

Let me know what your favorite pirate books for kids are in the comments below.

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