Why WriteShop Is The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum

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As we are now heading into homeschooling middle school, we were on the lookout for a homeschool writing curriculum, that isn’t boring! Freddie although loves reading, absolutely hates writing! This is until we have started using WriteShop.

I know having a dread of writing is fairly common, certainly with boys. So we spent a lot of time researching a great homeschool writing curriculum. It had to be a full curriculum, as what we had done in elementary just wasn’t working. We kind of winged it! (We did that a lot in elementary grades!). To see what other curriculum we are using this year check out our 6th grade homeschool curriculum post.

The best homeschool writing curriculum for kids you hate to write is without a doubt Writeshop. They have writing curriculum for grades k-12

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We are working with WriteShop 1 which is aimed at grades 6-10. But they have a writing curriculum for all age groups from K-12. If you are not sure what curriculum they have a Placement test for you to use.


WriteShop Review

Before I start the review, I have to start by saying on day 2 of using this writing curriculum, Freddie actually got excited about doing WriteShop. Now trust me when I say, Freddie absolutely hates writing, so for him to look forward to it amazes me. This excitement for writing is fantastic, we are now on the second week of using it, and he still looks forward to it.

With our bundle, we received the teacher’s manual for WriteShop I/II and the student workbook. The student workbook comes in loose-leaf pages with 3 holes punched. So it is perfect to fit in a ring binder. The teacher’s manual comes in tab-divided sections for easy use and has plastic coiled binding.

Write Shop student textbook

The first lesson of WriteShop I is all about following directions. I won’t spoil it for you, but after the 20 questions, we laughed a lot!! It was a fantastic starting position and something we have been trying to instill in Freddie for all subjects.

As teaching a writing curriculum does not come easily to me, I was incredibly happy to see in the teacher’s manual it tells you what to say!

Say “Each WriteShop assignment has a specific purpose, which is why it is necessary that you always follow instructions carefully.”


Teacher’s Manual

The WriteShop teacher’s manual is fantastic. It is divided into easy to find tabbed sections including:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson Plans
  • Editing and Evaluating
  • Positive & Encouraging Comments
  • Addressing Errors Lesson by Lesson
  • Common Problems of Mechanics
  • Student Writing Samples
  • Skill Builder Keys
  • Pre-Writing and Lesson Activity Keys
  • Appendix A: Handy References
  • Appendix B: Supplemental Activities

I absolutely love it, especially the student writing samples. I am not a teacher and don’t pretend to be; I am a homeschool mom. So this teacher’s manual has everything already prepared for me, so I know what to do if he gets something wrong, and I know how to mark his work.

WriteShop Teacher's Manual

The other great thing is the teacher’s manual is for both WriteShop I and II, so when we have finished the student textbook, we will only need to buy WriteShop II student book and not the teacher’s manual again.

There is a schedule included for standard and accelerated. We are loosely following the accelerated schedule, but with all things homeschool, we will take breaks if needed. Check out Workshop I & II here.

WriteShop Student Workbook I

As it comes in loose-leaf, we added it to a lever arch folder with tabs. We also have added a college-ruled notebook in the folder for the writing work. There are spaces to answer some of the questions in the workbook, but for the actual writing assignments, you will need lined paper.

The student workbook has easy to work through sections too:

  • Introduction & Reference Pages
  • Unit 1 – Descriptive Writing
  • Unit 2 – Informative Writing
  • Unit 3 – Narrative Writing
  • Word Lists
WriteShop Student Workbook Lesson 1

The reason Freddie is enjoying it so much is that it is broken down into really small interesting chunks.

After each writing skill there is:

  • Student Writing Skills Checklist
  • Teacher Writing Skills Checklist
  • Composition Evaluation to be able to grade the work.

There are lots of tips and advice over in the teacher’s manual to assist with all of this though.

WriteShop has sample lessons for you to review before you buy. But I promise you, this is literally the best writing curriculum available.

Does WriteShop Deliver Internationally?

They ship within the United States, and worldwide. However, I would recommend downloading the ebooks if you don’t live in America and getting the student textbook printed yourself. It would be much cheaper than paying for the postage. For example with the products we use, the Basic WriteShop I costs $94.50 for the Ebook or $117.95 + postage for the printed books.

Why WriteShop is the best homeschool writing curriculum for kids of ALL ages

Homeschool Writing Curriculum Buy It NOW

WriteShop is the BEST homeschool writing curriculum and we are sure you will feel the same. We have gone in a very short timeframe from Freddie hating (almost fearing) writing to now looking forward to his daily lesson.

SHOP all products – with a writing curriculum for all ages you will definitely find the grade you need.

There are also video lessons available if you need further assistance, these are not required though but help with going through the grades. Check it out here. Along with the sample lesson plans, you can also preview the videos before you purchase too.

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