Free Apple Life Cycle Worksheet

Have you ever wondered about the journey an apple takes from its earliest stages to becoming a delightful fruit? Prepare to embark on a fascinating exploration as we introduce the apple life cycle worksheet.

These apple life cycle worksheets offer an interactive and educational way to explore the fascinating journey of apples from seed to fruit.

From a humble seed in the soil to a vibrant tree bursting with blossoms and, ultimately, to the creation of the juicy apples we all love.

Get ready to spin, learn, and witness the captivating story of nature’s enchanting process with the apple life cycle wheel.


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Apple tree life cycle worksheet

There are two options included in this free download, a colored version and a black and white version that the kids can color in.

Supplies needed

Cut out the two circles, and make sure on the apple tree life cycle image you cut out the blank quarter.

Place the apple life cycle image with the quarter cut out on top of the other image and add a brass fastener to the middle.

Give the upper circle a spin to track the apple’s life cycle, starting from seeds and going to the apple tree, then the flower bud, and finally from flowers to fruit.


This interactive method adds an enjoyable touch for young learners to grasp and go over the apple’s life cycle.

What is the life cycle of an apple?

1. Seed Stage: Everything starts with a tiny apple seed. These seeds are found in the core of the apple. They’re like magic capsules that hold the potential to grow into a big apple tree.

2. Germination: When a seed gets the right amount of water, warmth, and soil, it starts to wake up from its sleep. It sends out a tiny root into the ground and a little shoot upwards. This shoot becomes the stem of the apple tree.

3. Seedling and Growing into a Tree: As the shoot grows, leaves appear. The little plant is called a seedling. With time, it gets bigger and stronger, turning into a young apple tree. This stage can take a few years, and the tree starts to look more like a tree as it gets taller.

4. Bud Stage: When the apple tree gets a little older, it prepares for the next big step – making apples! In the early spring, little buds start to appear on the branches. These buds are like tiny sleeping packages that hold the baby apple flowers inside.

5. Pollination: Insects like bees and butterflies visit the apple flowers. While they’re collecting nectar, they accidentally carry pollen from one flower to another. This helps the flowers make seeds inside the apples.

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6. Flower Stage: As spring continues and the weather gets warmer, the buds wake up. They start to open up and reveal beautiful flowers. These apple flowers are not only pretty but very important too. They have the parts needed for making apples: the petals, the stamen (male part), and the pistil (female part).

7. Fruit Development: After pollination, the flowers start to change into little apples. The petals fall off, and the apples begin to grow. They get bigger and juicier over time, thanks to the tree taking in sunlight and water.

8. Harvest Time: When fall arrives, the apples are ready to be picked. They’re full of flavor and nutrients by this point. People and animals enjoy eating these delicious fruits.

9. Seed Dispersal: The apples that fall to the ground release their seeds. These seeds can grow into new apple trees if they find the right spot to grow – like the soil in a field or a garden.

And that completes the life cycle of an apple! From a tiny seed to a big tree, producing flowers and turning them into yummy apples, it’s a wonderful journey in nature.


Books about apples

Carry on learning about apples with our favorite books about apples:

How do apples grow? This book takes young readers on an exciting journey through the stages of an apple’s life cycle, from a tiny seed to a delicious fruit. It’s a great way to learn about the science behind apple growth.

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Tree Full of Wonder. This enchanting book invites readers to discover the magic of apple trees. It not only explores the life cycle of an apple tree but also delves into the wonders of nature that surround it.

Additional apple resources

Discover even more autumn excitement with these fantastic apple printables:

Let your students create a memorable keepsake with this adorable A is for apple handprint activity. It’s a hands-on way to explore both the letter “A” and the iconic apple symbol.

Engage your young learners’ creativity with charming Johnny Appleseed coloring pages. This activity not only provides artistic enjoyment but also introduces kids to the legendary figure of Johnny Appleseed and his role in spreading apple trees across the country.

These additional apple resources will enhance the fall season for your students, making learning about apples and their significance even more enjoyable.

Have some fun learning how to keep apples fresh with apple science.


Additional life cycle worksheets

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Download the free printable apple life cycle wheel

If you are running short on time you can download all of our life cycle worksheets. There are 247 pages over 23 different life cycles.

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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