19 Free Black History Month Printable Activities

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Discover engaging and educational free Black History Month printable activities. Perfect for parents and educators looking to introduce and celebrate the rich history and contributions of African Americans.

These printables are not only educational tools but also a fun and interactive way for elementary students to learn about important historical figures and events.

Whether you’re at home or in the classroom, these Black History Month activities are a great way to engage with kids in the month of February.

In these printables, you’ll find a variety of activities suited for different grade levels, including 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade.

From coloring pages featuring prominent Black leaders to word games on key historical events, there’s something for everyone.

Black History Month printable activities

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Why is Black History Month celebrated?

Black History Month is celebrated to acknowledge and honor the significant contributions, achievements, and history of African-Americans in society.

Originating in the United States, it has become a time for reflection and education about the struggles and triumphs of Black people throughout history.

This observance highlights the importance of recognizing the diverse cultural heritage and the role of African Americans in shaping national and global history.

It also serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle against racial discrimination and inequality. Fostering a deeper understanding and respect for the Black experience.

Celebrating Black History Month promotes inclusivity and diversity, encouraging a more equitable society.

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Books about Black History Month for kids

These are the best books for kids celebrating African American culture. Offering a mix of inspiring stories, important historical insights, and engaging illustrations that captivate young minds. And foster a deeper understanding of the rich heritage and contributions of Black individuals throughout history.

Black Heroes is a captivating exploration of African American history. Profiling 51 inspiring Black heroes from ancient Africa to modern-day USA. It’s an educational and motivational journey through history, designed for young readers to discover influential figures and their significant contributions.

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History is a beautifully illustrated book that brings to life the stories of 40 trailblazing Black women in American history. Aimed at inspiring young readers, it highlights the achievements and impacts of these women. Celebrating their important role in shaping the nation’s history.

The ABCs of Black History is a colorful and engaging book that offers a poetic journey through the Black experience, from A to Z. It’s an excellent resource for children to learn about key figures, moments, and concepts in Black history. Making it both an educational and enjoyable read.

Free printable activities for Black History Month

Add these free black history month worksheets to your Black History Month lesson plans this February.

These printable worksheets offer a fantastic opportunity for students to delve deeper into the rich history and contributions of African Americans. Through a variety of activities, including word searches, coloring sheets, and crafts.

These worksheets provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience that is both educational and respectful of the historical significance of Black History Month.

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