Curiosity Stream Review Why We Love It In Our Homeschool

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If you have been hearing things about Curiosity Stream but wonder what all the fuss is about, you need our Curiosity Stream review.

Don’t let the low annual price put you off. It is fantastic.

We first came across Curiosity Stream a couple of months ago, and I have to say we LOVE it.

Although we use Curiosity Stream in our homeschool, it is not just aimed at kids.

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Carry on reading for our Curiosity Stream review and why we love it in our homeschool.

curiosity stream review - the best educational documentaries, and why we love it in our homeschool

We already use a lot of kids educational videos in our homeschool. Mainly on YouTube, but we couldn’t find any good documentaries there.

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Before I continue telling you how we use it in our homeschool, I need to tell you the price!

It is either $19.99 per annum or $2.99 per month!! This is such an amazing price, I needed to tell you now.

They have recently added Crash Course documentaries on the platform too. Freddie LOVES Crash Course, so this is a great addition.

We use Curiosity Stream most days and I will show you how below.

What is Curiosity Stream?

It is a streaming service available on pretty much every device (including your TV) and adds new documentaries and shows EVERY week.

There are shows on science, history, nature, lifestyle, and a separate kids section.

There are no annoying adverts and no inappropriate content.

Personally, we just use the browse and category section, rather than scrolling through the kid’s content. Currently, they have over 3,000 documentaries, 900 of which are exclusive content.

We have NEVER come across something that isn’t appropriate. But, I will add, that Freddie is 11 and quite mature for his age.

For example, if you were to watch: “A detailed accounting of the horrors of the Great War using colorized historical footage of World War I.” Then there will be content that is not appropriate for a very young child. But there is no swearing on any shows we have watched.

How We Use Curiosity Stream in Our Homeschool

If we are studying a certain subject I will research (normally late on a Sunday evening!) all the relevant documentaries I can find. They have the best homeschool videos available.

What I really love is I can research it on my PC, instead of having to turn on the TV. So if we are studying WW1 I will check what documentaries they have.

How We Use Curiosity Stream in Our Homeschool

If I am busy working, and don’t have TIME to actually sit and teach, this is my go-to response.

Fred – What Can I Do Now?

Me – Go and Watch Curiosity Stream!!

We use this quite a lot, and in fact, if he can see I am busy, he now just goes straight to it!

Curiosity Stream is great, completely educational, and there is much he can enjoy. In his free time, he will generally watch about the Big Cats or watch Wildest Islands.

Curiosity Stream List of Documentaries

There are currently the following subjects on our favorite streaming services:

Science. Physics, space, mind, biology, genetics, medicine, evolution, geology, and psychology

History. Prehistory, ancient, medieval, modern, aviation, biographies, megastructures, and military

Technology. Energy, engineering, transportation, communications, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, social media, and privacy & security.

Nature. Earth, animals, birds, insects, natural habitats, prehistoric creatures, oceans, and plants.

Society. Entrepreneurship, social issues, politics, forensics, economics, business & commerce, democracy, and current events. Check out our homeschool civics curriculum for more information on teaching this subject.

Lifestyle. Food, collecting, performing arts, creativity, home projects, philosophy, health & wellness, and travel. Check out our favorite philosophy books for kids too.

Kids. STEAM, history, space exploration, nature, dinosaurs, current events.

Crash Course. World History, chemistry, and history of science.

Where to Watch Curiosity Stream?

Another reason to love curiosity stream is you can watch it anywhere.

On your PC, a tablet, an Ipad, or a smartphone, but we love to watch it mostly on the TV.

How Much is Curiosity Stream?

This is the best bit! It is so cheap.

At $19.99 per year or $2.99 per month (cancel at any time) why not give it a go yourself, you won’t regret it.

Despite the price being in USD, you can stream this from the UK too.

We absolutely LOVE everything to do with Curiosity Stream, it is not only educational, but it is interesting and more importantly for us, FUN.

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