Creative and Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Activities for Kids

Father’s Day activities for kids can make the day extra special and memorable for dads, grandpas, and father figures.

Here are some fun, thoughtful, and affordable ideas to ensure Father’s Day is enjoyable without breaking the bank, including some easy Father’s Day printables.

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Crafty Keepsakes: Handmade Gifts for Dad

Handprint Art Projects

Kids can create lasting memories with simple handprint crafts. All you need is some paint, a canvas or paper, and a bit of creativity.

Father’s Day handprint art can range from simple prints to more elaborate designs, like transforming handprints into animals or heart shapes. These projects are perfect keepsakes that dads will cherish for years.

Father's Day superhero handprint

Personalized Mugs

A mug decorated by little ones is a perfect gift for dads who love their morning coffee. Using paint pens, kids can draw pictures, write messages, or add fun designs to plain white mugs.

After baking the mugs to set the paint, they become durable and dishwasher safe. These personalized mugs not only serve a practical purpose but also remind dads of their kids’ love every day.

DIY Picture Frames

Crafting picture frames is a fun activity that results in a beautiful gift. Using materials like popsicle sticks, cardboard, or even recycled items, kids can create frames to hold their favorite photos with dad.

Decorating the frames with paint, glitter, stickers, or natural elements like twigs and leaves adds a personal touch.

Outdoor Fun: Activities for the Best Dad Ever

Backyard BBQ

For dads who enjoy grilling, a backyard BBQ is a great way to celebrate. Kids can help by preparing simple side dishes, setting the table, and even creating a custom BBQ apron using fabric paint and markers. This hands-on experience is not only fun but also delicious.

Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt

Turn a simple walk into an adventure with a nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of items to find, such as specific leaves, rocks, flowers, or even bugs.

This activity encourages kids to explore the outdoors and enjoy quality time with dad. You can also collect items to use in future craft projects.

You may also enjoy our camping scavenger hunt printable.

DIY Birdhouse or Feeder

Building a birdhouse or feeder is a great project for kids and dads to work on together. Kits are available at most craft stores, or you can find simple plans online to build one from scratch using recycled materials.

Once built, kids can decorate the birdhouse and then watch with Dad as birds come to visit.

Indoor Activities: Fun Crafts for All Ages

Paper Plate Crafts

Paper plates are versatile crafting materials. From masks and puppets to suncatchers and wreaths, the possibilities are endless.

Kids can make a “Best Dad” medal using a paper plate, markers, and ribbon, or create a funny mask for dad to wear.

Salt Dough Creations

Salt dough is easy to make and can be used to create a variety of crafts. Mix 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, and 1/2 cup of water to form a dough.

Kids can shape the dough into ornaments, keychains, or even a personalized paperweight. Once baked and painted, these items become cherished gifts.

Father’s Day Cards

Nothing beats a handmade card from the heart. Gather construction paper, markers, stickers, and any other decorative items.

Kids can draw pictures, write heartfelt messages, and add fun elements like googly eyes or glitter. A homemade Father’s Day card to color is a simple yet meaningful way to show appreciation.

father's day card to color

Sentimental Gifts: Keepsakes and Mementos

Memory Jar

Create a memory jar filled with special notes and memories. Kids can write down their favorite moments with dad, why they love him, and their wishes for future adventures.

Decorate the jar with ribbons, stickers, or paint. This thoughtful gift is something dad can revisit whenever he needs a pick-me-up.

Custom Keychains

Using beads, charms, and keychain rings, kids can design custom keychains for dad.

Spell out his name, add his favorite colors, or include tiny charms that represent his hobbies. Every time dad uses his keys, he’ll be reminded of his little ones’ love.

Photo Collage

Gather family photos and create a collage on a piece of poster board or canvas.

Kids can cut out and arrange the photos, then glue them down and add decorative elements like captions, stickers, and drawings. This visual representation of family moments is a heartfelt gift.

Budget-Friendly Ideas: Thoughtful Yet Thrifty

Coupon Book

A Father’s Day coupon book filled with promises for future activities is a fun and inexpensive gift. Include coupons for things like a car wash, breakfast in bed, a movie night, or extra hugs. Kids can decorate each coupon and staple them together to create a booklet.

fathers day breakfast with coupons

Recycled Craft Projects

Use items around the house to create unique gifts. Old jars can be turned into candle holders or vases, cardboard tubes can become superhero cuffs, and bottle caps can be used to make fridge magnets.

These recycled crafts are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective.

Storytime Session

For dads who love to read, a personalized storytime session is a great gift. Kids can write their own story about adventures with dad, then illustrate it and bind it into a book.

Reading this story together will create a special moment and become a cherished keepsake.

Special Experiences: Making Memories Together

Cooking Together

Spending time in the kitchen is a great way for kids and dads to bond. Choose a simple recipe, like homemade pizza or cookies, and let the kids take the lead.

Cooking together is not only fun but also teaches kids valuable skills.

Movie Marathon

Set up a cozy movie marathon at home with dad’s favorite films.

Create a movie theater experience with popcorn, blankets, and even homemade tickets. This relaxing activity allows for plenty of snuggles and laughs.


Build a Fort

Building a fort out of blankets and pillows is a timeless activity that kids of all ages enjoy.

Once the fort is built, you can read books, play games, or even have a picnic inside. This simple activity fosters creativity and provides a fun space for family bonding.

Finishing Touches: Perfect Gift Wrapping

Personalized Wrapping Paper

Kids can create their own wrapping paper using plain paper and markers, paint, or stamps. Drawing pictures, writing messages, or stamping fun designs makes the gift wrap as special as the present inside.

Decorative Gift Tags

Add a personal touch with handmade gift tags. Using construction paper, markers, and stickers, kids can design tags that reflect their personalities and the love they have for their dad. Attach the tags with ribbon or twine for a finished look.

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