Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt (free printable riddles)

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Welcome to our Halloween candy scavenger hunt!

It’s all about kids having fun and searching for yummy treats using special clues. We’ll give you those clues to make your Halloween memorable.

Picture the excitement as they explore rooms in your home, from the laundry room to the closet. Together, we’ll create lasting Halloween memories full of fun and laughter.

This scavenger hunt is a fun way to make Halloween activities for kids even more magical. So let’s get started and make this Halloween an unforgettable one!

hallowen candy scavenger hunt

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How to prepare for the scavenger hunt

Getting ready for the scavenger hunt is a key step to making it a success.

These Halloween candy hunt clues are free to print but are for personal use only. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the instant pdf download.

You can print the clues on copy paper, but I recommend using cardstock. Then cut out each of the 12 clues. On the second page, I have included some suggestions on where you can hide them.

All of these printable clues are to be hidden inside the home, and they are all generic enough that all homes will have a place to hide them.

Planning is important. Think about where you’ll hide the cards and the order in which kids will find them. This will make the game more enjoyable and organized.

Lastly, but possibly most importantly you need the kid’s Halloween candy that you can hide with the last clue!

halloween treasure hunt clues free printable

Decorate your home for the indoor Halloween hunt

To make your Halloween candy scavenger hunt even more thrilling, it’s essential to set the stage.

Halloween is all about spookiness and anticipation. Decorating your home with creepy cobwebs, eerie pumpkins, and friendly ghosts adds a layer of excitement to the scavenger hunt. It sets the mood for a thrilling adventure.

A well decorated home adds a sense of magic to the hunt. Kids will feel like they’re on a Halloween treasure quest in a mysterious and enchanting world. It’s a way to make the game even more enjoyable and memorable.

free halloween scavenger hunt clues

Candy Halloween scavenger hunt

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for, the start of the Halloween candy scavenger hunt!

When you have cleverly hidden all of the clues, and of course the trick or treat candy. You need to give the child their first clue.

If there are older siblings they can help the younger kids decipher the clues. Or you can of course help guide them.

The kids search for each of the clues until they find their candy treasure!

free halloween candy scavenger hunt

Additional fun Halloween activities

Celebrate Halloween with these exciting and free activities, adding extra layers of fun to your next Halloween party:

In addition to the candy scavenger hunt, consider organizing a Halloween treasure hunt. It’s a fantastic way to keep the excitement going. Hide small trinkets, toys, or Halloween themed treasures around your home, and give the kids a set of clues to discover them. The thrill of the hunt will make Halloween even more memorable.

Take the spooky season to the next level with a Halloween photo scavenger hunt. It’s a modern twist on a classic scavenger hunt that will have everyone snapping pictures of spooky delights.

Challenge the kids with a Halloween memory game printable. It’s a great way to test their memory while enjoying the holiday spirit.

Gather the family for a lively game of our free Halloween bingo printable and the winner can earn some extra Halloween treats.

Tips for downloading the free files

Below you will see a large sign-up box where you need to add your name and email address, and press I NEED THIS NOW!

Within minutes you will be sent the free PDF directly to your email address, so you can print it out and start using it immediately.

Sometimes emails get a little wonky, so if you can’t see it, please check your spam folder where I am sure it is hiding.

Download the free printable Halloween candy hunt clues

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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