Night Zookeeper: The Best Writing Game For Kids

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Writing is the day we both dread in our homeschool. That is until we found Night Zookeeper.

It is something that just doesn’t come naturally, at all, to my very strong-willed 11 year old son. So I have been on the lookout for the best homeschooling resources that look like gaming, and are fun!

I’ve found it….. Night Zookeeper is what I have been looking for all this time. I wish I had found it a couple of years ago when he was 5. Maybe then he wouldn’t be so hesitant to do writing!

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What is Night Zookeeper?

According to my son, it is a game he chooses to play when he has electronic time!

How awesome is that!

I can’t stress enough how much my son hates to write, he has a wicked imagination, but he just can’t get the words out on paper.

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boy laying down in front of a laptop playing night zookeeper

According to Night Zookeeper though, it is an online learning platform with gamified lessons that inspires a love of creative writing in students.

Night Zookeeper is an award-winning and BAFTA-nominated creative writing platform that helps improve the writing skills of 5-12+ year olds. See, pretty much what my son said!

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Learning to Write with Night Zookeeper

The premise of the “game” is that you are locked in the zoo and need to rescue the animals with the help of the Night Zookeeper.

You draw and create your own character and animals that you come across.

You are in control of the whole story, what animals you create, and what their backstory is, and gives you great prompts to help with the storytelling.

night zookeeper questions: can you tell me about Bob's family?

When you have written a story, you can play actual games, including word searches.

Now trust me when I say when you are writing a story it still doesn’t actually feel like it!

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Find the hidden words you can use to link paragraphs

How much time to spend on Night Zookeeper?

Night Zookeeper recommends 30 minutes a week of practice, however, this will be used for 30 minutes a day in our homeschool.

It is so much fun, and certainly the best elementary writing program we have come across, I really wish we had found it earlier.

It helps with spelling, grammar, vocabulary, structure skills, and of course writing.

If your child can’t read yet, there is a read to me feature. But personally, this writing program would be better if the child can already read.

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Night Zookeeper Reviews

5 reasons why we love Night Zookeeper:

  1. It is safe! Yes, number 1, all comments are moderated and no photos can be uploaded. The profile picture that is used, is a drawing that your child designs at the beginning.
  2. Engaging writing prompts. This has been so important for us, as our son was not a “natural” writer.
  3. It is super fun – it is like playing a game. If you enjoy word games for kids check out our favorites.
  4. Encouragement – this is so important for us, and one of the reasons we homeschool.
  5. Parent Dashboard – if your child is struggling, or not being challenged enough you can change the age levels, and see how the children are progressing.

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We really enjoyed the game I wish we had found it sooner. We will use it this year, but then he will have definitely outgrown it. If you have children aged between 7 and 10 though, they will LOVE it.

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