17 Best Strategy Board Games for Families and Kids (2024)

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Are you looking for the best strategy board games for families to enjoy on family game night?

Finding a game that is fun for the whole family and strikes the perfect balance between being engaging for adults and enjoyable for younger players can be challenging.

I am going to share with you our favorite fun strategy games that are specially designed to be family-friendly, offering an ideal blend of fun and intellectual challenge. These games not only entertain but also help in developing strategic thinking and problem-solving skills among kids.

Discover the top strategic family board games that promise hours of quality time and friendly competition.

Whether you’re planning a game night or looking for the best ways to keep the kids engaged. These great board games for kids are sure to be a hit. They are carefully selected to suit players of all skill levels, ensuring that everyone in the family, from young kids to older kids, can participate and enjoy.


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What are the benefits of playing strategy games?

Playing strategy board games offers a range of benefits, both mental and social:

Strategy games often require critical thinking, planning, and problem solving skills. Engaging in these games can enhance a player’s ability to think strategically and analytically. They often involve complex decision-making, which can improve cognitive flexibility and adaptability.

Many of the best family board games require players to remember specific rules, strategies, and the state of play. This can help in improving both short-term and long-term memory. Concentration is also key in these fun family games, as players need to focus on their strategies and anticipate opponents’ moves.

Strategy games typically involve thinking a few steps ahead of the current play. This helps in developing planning skills and the ability to predict potential outcomes, which is beneficial in real-life decision-making scenarios.

Strategy games often incorporate elements that require calculations and managing resources. Helping players to develop and improve their math skills.

Many strategy games require patience and long-term planning. Players learn the value of delayed gratification as they work towards a strategic goal, understanding that short-term sacrifices can lead to long-term gains.

Playing Ticket to Ride

Playing strategy games, especially in a group setting, fosters social interaction. They often require communication, cooperation, and sometimes negotiation skills, which can enhance teamwork abilities and social skills.

Engaging in any form of game can be a great stress reliever. Strategy games, with their immersive nature, can provide a mental break from everyday stressors, offering a sense of relaxation and escapism.

Great family strategy games often involve losing as part of the learning process. Players learn to cope with failure, analyze their mistakes, and adapt their strategies, which is a valuable life skill.

Many strategy games encourage creative thinking. Players often need to come up with unique solutions to challenges, fostering innovative thinking and creativity.

These benefits illustrate why playing strategy board games is a great way to spend time, offering enriching experiences for all family members.

Best Strategy Board Games for Kids

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