11 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

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Explore our collection of free printable Valentine’s Day writing prompts, designed to inspire creativity in young learners.

We’ve got 11 fun and colorful prompts that kids will love. These journal prompts are all about Valentine’s Day. And are great for getting kids to use their imagination and improve their writing. They’re ideal for teachers to use in class or for parents at home.

These prompts also serve as excellent Valentine’s Day activities for kids, offering a blend of education and entertainment.

valentine's day writing prompts free printable

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Why use writing prompts with kids?

Using printable writing prompts for kids is particularly beneficial for several reasons:

  1. At a fundamental level, prompts help young students practice writing. They learn sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary, which are crucial for their academic growth.
  2. Prompts encourage children to think imaginatively. They can explore different scenarios, characters, and settings, which enhances their creative thinking and storytelling abilities.
  3. Writing prompts teach students how to express their thoughts and ideas clearly. This is a key skill that will serve them well throughout their education and in everyday life.
  4. Completing a writing task, especially one that’s creative and open-ended, can boost a child’s confidence in their writing abilities and in sharing their ideas.
  5. Regular writing exercises help students develop a habit of sitting down and concentrating on a task, which is an important skill for academic success.
  6. By making writing exercises fun and engaging, prompts can help instill a love for writing and reading in young students.
  7. Writing prompts can be a safe way for children to explore and express their feelings, which is important for their emotional development.

Writing prompts for Valentine’s Day

We’ve created a diverse set of 11 free printable Valentine’s Day writing prompts, ready for you to print out. You have the option to print the entire collection or select the ones that you believe will resonate most with the kids.

These printable writing prompts are free to print, but they are for personal or classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the pdf file.

The Legend of St Valentine: Dive into the historical tales and myths surrounding St Valentine. Encourage imaginative stories or explore the history behind the holiday.

If I Were Cupid, I Would…: This prompt invites children to step into Cupid’s shoes. What changes would they make? How would they spread love?

free Valentines Day journal prompts printable

Valentine’s Day is Too Commercial, Discuss…: A thought-provoking topic that encourages kids to debate and express their views on the commercialization of the holiday.

My Best Friend Has a Secret Admirer, I Told Them to…: Here, kids can explore friendship dynamics, advice-giving, and the excitement of secret admirers.

The Most Important Qualities a Friend Should Have…: This reflective prompt helps children articulate their thoughts on friendship and what values they deem important.

Valentines day writing prompts free printable

Write About a Time When You Felt Loved: A personal and emotional prompt that allows kids to share their experiences of love and appreciation.

Why Do You Think Love is Associated With the Heart and Not a Different Part of Your Body?: A fun and educational prompt that can blend science with cultural and historical perspectives on love.

printable Valentine's Day writing prompts free

You Are in Charge of a Valentine’s Day Party: Here, kids can unleash their creativity in party planning, from selecting games to choosing the perfect party snacks.

Write a Letter to Your Favorite Author: A wonderful way to express admiration for their beloved books and to practice letter writing.


Do You Like Celebrating Valentine’s Day? Why or Why Not?: A simple yet insightful prompt encouraging kids to reflect on their personal feelings about the holiday.

Write a Letter to the President: This imaginative prompt involves writing to the President to advocate for Valentine’s Day as a federal holiday. You can also enjoy our printable President’s Day writing prompts.

free printable valentine's day writing prompts

Have fun with the Valentine’s Day mad libs book too!

Additional printable writing prompts

Discover a world of creative possibilities with our collection of free writing prompt printables. These themed activities are perfect for sparking imagination and enhancing writing skills in children of all ages.

  1. If I were a leprechaun writing printable allows kids to imagine themselves as a leprechaun. Creating tales filled with mischief and magic, a perfect fit for St. Patrick’s Day festivities.
  2. Encourage children to explore the vibrant traditions of St. Patrick’s Day through these imaginative St Patrick’s Day writing prompt printables. Where they can weave stories about leprechauns and pots of gold.
  3. With these Easter writing prompt printables, children’s Easter celebrations become a source of inspiration, letting them create stories about the Easter Bunny or their own family traditions.
  4. To commemorate Earth Day, these thought-provoking Earth Day writing prompt printables encourage kids to reflect on the importance of environmental conservation and the beauty of our planet.
  5. These Star Wars writing prompt printables offer a unique opportunity for children to delve into the Star Wars universe. Crafting their own intergalactic adventures and exploring the themes of this beloved saga.
Valentine's Day activity bundle


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Download the free Valentine writing prompts

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