Mr. D ASL Review: High School Sign Language Curriculum

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I am not exaggerating, not even a little when I tell you Mr. D Math is our NUMBER 1 homeschool resource. We have just taken the Mr D ASL 1 self paced course and we loved it. Carry on reading for our Mr. D ASL review.

To meet the high school requirement we needed to find the best homeschool foreign language curriculum. Mr. D Math ASL 1 was what we had been looking for.

ASL 1 or American sign language year 1, is a full-year self-paced high school class, taught by Miss Thia.

Why we love ASL 1 with Mr. D Math

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Mr D Sign Language Self-Paced Curriculum

There are 30 lessons, a mid-term exam, and a final exam for ASL 1. All are taught by Miss Thia, a former student of Mr. D. Math, and a graduate of Gallaudet University (the only deaf college in the world.)

If we had not taken a Mr. D Math lesson before I would have been concerned about taking a self-paced sign language course.

But, I knew what to expect as we had previously taken junior economics. My son would send in videos online of him using sign language for the teacher to grade and give feedback.

ASL 1 sign language self paced course

Within each of the online classes there are the following:

  • Lesson – which is normally a 3 minute video
  • Homework – which could be a quiz, an essay, or a video submission
  • Practice time
  • Mid Term and Final exam which involves a longer video submission

My son’s favorite class was probably when he was learning more about deaf culture. The students get to watch a fictional movie about deaf culture and then answer questions about it.

My absolute favorite was when he shouted mom, mom, Princess Diana is doing British sign language! (Didn’t you just love her?)

I only found out after my son had completed the ASL course that Miss Thia is the daughter of Mrs. S the homeschool economics curriculum teacher with Mr. D. These ladies are wonderful teachers. Because of this, we will be continuing with both ASL 2 and also high school economics in the summer.

When he completes ASL 2 this will satisfy the two years of foreign language requirement needed to graduate high school.

See how to learn sign language for kids!

What is the Cost of Mr D ASL?

The self-paced ASL 1 lessons are $197 which we found to be of exceptional value. They also come with live zoom monthly help sessions too.

There are also full immersion classes, which means that Ms. Thia doesn’t speak and only signs.

If you have younger children why not start them with ASL 1 for elementary grades. There are worksheets, coloring pages, and more fun activities to help their learning!

But this is a great place to start, and then maybe go onto ASL 1 with full immersion.

Before taking this course we had started with free ASL homeschool curriculum, but this was not good enough (in my opinion) for a high school credit. So we switched to Mr D ASL.

We have created some free ASL worksheets for you to download and have fun with too.

What Other Courses Does Mr. D Math Offer?

This is not our first Mr D Math lesson we did a pre-algebra lesson with them when we lived in the UK a number of years ago.

But since moving to Florida, 4 years ago, we have taken their junior homeschool economics curriculum, and now ASL 1.

When we finish our current math curriculum (in about a month) we will be starting high school math with Mr. D Math too.

We have just started using the best geometry homeschool curriculum with Mr D Math too and loving it.

We love the way their curriculum works, my son loves the videos and I love the knowledge that he is learning from AMAZING teachers. It is an absolute win-win for both of us.

Check out our 7th grade homeschool curriculum Mr. D Math is being used for 3 SUBJECTS!

Mr. D. also has a podcast, the A+ Parents Podcast. Hosted by “Mr. D Math Live” Founder Dennis DiNoia, speaks with parents, homeschool organizations, and homeschool influencers on how to help our students become self-directed learners. 

He has recently written one of our favorite homeschool books too, Teach by Dennis Dinoia.

Check out Mr. D Math course catalog for yourself today, you will not regret it.

Mr D sign language is featured in our best homeschool curriculum for high school.

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